Sui Generis



I am sui generis,

Of his, hers, its, or their own kind, unique.

Perhaps as confusing as the word looks,

I’ve heard that a few times.

From Latin descent, meaning: of its own kind,

My own kind.

I am an original artist,

My art is sui generis.


This word has no value,

I am valuable.

Relevant, treasured, significant.

I am boundless and limitless.

I am infinite with knowledge of myself,

Passing the mass majority of my generation.

Creating simulated art for recognizable popularity.


I am unknown by others,

Truley knowing someone takes time.

People are impatient,

I am impatient.

I have failed,

I have succeeded.

Both have carefully sculpted who I am today.

Yesterday I was a different person.

I experience life changing events every day ,

Major or minor.

They all make up the person I am becoming.


I’m growing.

Who am I?

I’m changing.

I’m observant,

I analyze what’s going on around me.

I see the people, the world, the changes.

I see the hideous,

I see the lovely,

I don’t let this brutal world abuse me.

I am capable,

I have a lanky body,

Stronger than I look.

I have an enduring heart and mind.

I am positive that these words do not define me,

you asked me who I am?

I am Hannah Wright.


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