I Am... A King

I am the caramel that gushes out of the center of a Ghirardhelli Chocolate square,
The man in the mirror with the sharp jaw, gap in his teeth and the kinky curly hair
The boy from Brooklyn who barely made it to be taller than 5 ft,
But also the guy who would rather be 5 ft over the ground then 6 ft deep.
I am the boy who wasn't balked by adversity,
The child who was racially profiled and stopped and frisked for walking his neighborhood streets.
The one out of all my friends to ask why I was being stopped,
And the one who was told by cops,
That he was being stopped because he fit a description that was nowhere near a definition of his character or physical characteristics.
The boy who had melanin,
The thing that made me the very worst kind of every felon,
In this penitentiary we call America. 
The man who excelled when put in a classroom and never failed,
At least until he was given a test, because test happen to be his Achilles heel. 
I am the teen who never sleeps because he is always working on next weeks assignment before next week.
I am he who because he didn't get a perfect 2400 on his SAT,
That 97 average that he deprived himself of sleep for means nothing and he must fight for his seat, at a top college or university.
The boy who will never stop, and never ever rest. 
The boy who will climb every mountain even the ones as tall as Mount Everest
Because he wants nothing but to achieve success. 
When asked who I am,
I say 4 things:
Resilient, diligent and a survivor,
The prince who has yet to be crowned king. 
-Divine Life Williams
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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