I Am Someone


Hurdles and crossroads, I have been through it all. The deep depressing moments, when I thought i had ruined it all. I continued to fight and challenges got harder, but I sucked up a little air and breathed a little harder.  Crazy obstacles thrown my way, but I ducked and dodged right out of the way.  Friends came along, but they were no good so I had to turn away for my own good.  I made up in my mind that I was not going to make it.  Before my final decision, I looked back on my life and I began to remember , not only the bad things, but the good that came along with it.  I remembered my favorite school teacher telling me I can do it. I remembered the little ninth grade girl telling me to keep pushing.  I remembered my softball coach yelling that I was almost there. Lastly I remembered the smile on my face from every situation.  Life is a beautiful gift. Grasp it, Grip it, just hold on to it.  Make every moment the best moment, no matter how bad the situation may be. Just look back and remember "Hey that was me!" So continue on, because you should always remember Life is what you make it, and tell yourself I'm not going to make it hard for me.


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