Beach Sand

I am beach sand

I started like a boulder, unmolded and ruff around the edges

I could have been chisled into the dreams of my creater

but instead I stood my ground

I let the waves guid me and arrode me to something manageable

I was climbed by the coragous out on my own, and sunk away at high tide

 I wore away, giving peices of myself to tourists and shared a collection of my peices to the ones who stayed in town

I am the heart shaped rock you gave to your lovely and the rock you skipped across the creek last summer then let join the pebbles below the surface

The nests of sparrows in my hands grew to eagles and flew up high

With each encounter a peice of me will leave and I always retreat to the sea

Now I am spread around the world, in the hands of collectors and cracked on the pavement by careless jokers who arrived with hurt and left  with anger

My small grains left have joined the others who have stories of their own

I hold up the castles and lay still for your stick written words

On dressers and mountain tops, in boxes and palms 

I am beach sand


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