I Am numb.

I bathe in despair every day.

Just can not figure out why I feel this way.

The old me was so outgoing,

But what is so different now?

My tears fall at the lone night hours,

But they do not have an explanation.

Sometimes I cry beause of how I feel about my life.

Regretting feeling that way about myself.

Being told that it will be okay.

That I need to let it go.

As if my feelings were only materialistic.

Even though people treat them that way.

So I paint my favorite mask on everday.

The one that I wish I could wear in truth.

A smile is powerful but decietful.

This numbness I feel will not go away

Overpowering my actions.

Overpowering my decisions.

All because of a four letter word.

I Am numb.



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