I Am


United States
33° 37' 44.382" N, 112° 8' 13.416" W

I am a voice of power, a light of trust, a code of mystery, a spell of magic placed in this world.
I wonder why evil witches cast malicious spells on the others.
I hear their snarky, vicious laugh. Their laughs crawl into my head every night. I am trapped and stirred in their boiling green soup.
I see others begging for a healing potion for their grief, others don't even care. But me?
I want to extend my hand out to help everyone. Few grasp it, but most throw my hand down. What's the point in even trying?
I am an interpreter translating different languages of my life.

I pretend to walk the streets nonchalantly without noticing the evil surrounding me.
I feel pain shoving me in every corner. Society piles itself with ache, misery, suffering, anguish, torture, agony – death.
I touch the prickly thorns in the stem of life, but I never realize the beautiful rose petals above it all.
I worry that I will one day lose the curiosity of a child. The child inside of me. The thought of my Mr. Hyde never coming back is devastating.
I cry when the reality of life smashes the innocent eyes of young.
I am an actress performing different stages of my life.

I understand the goodness of this world is out there. It’s a manner of finding it in the simplest blade of grass or the smallest grain of sand.
I say, “Whether it’s simple or complex, it’s a person’s job to find the rest.”
I dream of world peace full of children holding hands skipping up and down around a playground.
I try to love the people around me the most. They are treasured in my heart and I embed them in my soul.
I hope I find the meaning of life. I search through the grasslands and over the mountains and across the deserts and within the jungle. It’s not Man vs. Wild; it’s Man vs. Life.
I am a teacher teaching myself the different perspectives of life.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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