Who is Zainab?


United States
32° 39' 41.3676" N, 97° 8' 48.1452" W

I am chia tea early in the morning while pouring over Sudoku challenges with my mom.

I am from goggles and Speedos, preparing to break six minutes in the 500 meter free.

I am from following Beethoven’s footsteps as I twinkle the ivory keys.
I am from summers when with our neighbors we would turn our homes into scenes from an action movie.

I am from walks to Paolo's Ice Cream and Thanksgiving feasts in Atlanta, all 15 of us crowded around sweet corn and homemade pies.

I'm from the celebration of Eid, the sounds of bangles with every wave of my hand.

I am from the sand between my toes and the salt in the air, ocean bonfires and Old Bay Crabs.
I'm from the adventures of Paris, Athens, Moscow, and Sydney reminding me how much this world has to offer and how much I still must see.

I am from behind the camera lens, capturing memories go by.

I am from the value that education is the ultimate key to life. 

I am from the school children of Enabling Minds and Starfish Foundation, amazed at the possibilities when we work together.

I am from the binds of my own book, hoping to open the door for many.

I am from the hardworking and the affectionate, from keep smiling and never give up.

I am from the value that if you believe in yourself, you will succeed.

I am from the eagerness to discover what the future has to offer.

I am ready. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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