I Am

I am the bolt of lightning,

Shocking, fast, and gone in an instant.

I create a smoking crater,

But of who left it I leave no hint.


I am the stormy ocean,

Raging, shining, and consuming all I see.

I sink the biggest ships,

Even those that belong to me.


I am the void of space,

Crushing, lifeless, and full of infinite darkness.

I destroy all of the explorers,

Who bring lights to fight the starkness.


I am the harrowing wind,

Cold, stale, and cutting through it all.

I slice open my own life,

And through the darkness I will fall.


I am the broken stone,

Cracked, weak, and with my pieces strewn about.

I try to support others,

But my foundation is one to doubt.


I am the dirge of sorrow,

Slow, mourning, and always found alone.

I care so deeply for people,

Who leave me on my painful throne.


I am the struggling Earth,

Near, far, and warmed by the sun.

But one day the sun will burn out,

And I’ll be left with no one.


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