I am...

i am... Martinaé Patton.

i am... The woman that has made mistakes, the woman that has what it takes to change the world.

i am Trayvon Martin or could've been, but God let me live.

i am alive to serve a purpose, although the path is not clear,

i am twenty sum'n, so it's alright if I'm unsure, I have no fear. 

i am my mistakes, I am learning.

i am my mental illness.

I am black, I am adversity in the flesh.

i am the the boundless potential that my ancestors did not see within themselves.

i am the future educator of the youth that will help perpetuate greatness amongst them and so on and so forth.

i am a gardener of the mental seeds planted in my brothers and sisters that will one sprout a magnificent forest in which we all will reap the benefits.

i am trying my best.

i am doing all that I can right here and now.

i am me. 


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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