I am an iceberg-  

Seemingly small in strength, but brimming with boldness and bravery

Underneath the sterile waters that paralyze those who dare to penetrate the surface.

All but the small tip remains unseen to the world above the waters.


It seems that the longer I remain unseen, the deeper I am catapulted into the frigid waters.

Layers upon layers of ice crystallizing indefinitely until finally-




 All is not what it seems.





Truth is on the horizon.



I am more than I realize.


I am dismantled.


I am not a faceless blank void living in an icy world.

I am a flower in bloom.

I am paint splattered on a canvas.

I am the first smile on a newborn's face.

I am the Northern lights.

I am a galaxy - the stars and the moon.

I am Saturn and Jupiter and Mercury.

I am the Sun.

I am the rainbow after the first spring mist.

I am the morning dew.


Little did I know that inside my arctic prison was a being of life and creativity

Waiting to be unleashed in glorious technicolor.  

Hope and wonder overflow.

Unashamed and unafraid I stand.


I am light.

I am color.

I am more.





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