I am Autumn

Beautiful is the fall season

The leaves turning color 

Much like the person Autumn the season brings much change

The wildness she brings when she rides into town with her steed

Some mock her because she brings school around with her

But Autumn stands tall to the critisisim of other

Bouncing off and falling to the ground like leaves off a tree

Autumn brings kids inside with a chance to enjoy books, which she loves

Autumn has a talant though for all the rude and distaste full comments people saw

she takes onestep high on the mountain off acheviments

Autumn will not let the words of others drag her down

People tell her she is to load, to nerdy, that she reads to much and doesn't have alot of friends

But that is one of the things Autumn loves best 

Because the people who do not slander her will forever be by her side

Soon Autumn takes to leave

And silence set

The chance to love her left

Along with any color that was there

But no worrys because when Autumn comes back

She will bring the happniess back. 


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