I am

I am a daughter of a loving mother and step-father,

I am the sister of a brother and a sister,

I am the owner of a chihuahua that loves me,

I am loved.


I am the base for a cheerleader that fly’s through the air,

I am responsible for catching her.

I am the outside mid for a soccer team,

I am a part of a team.

I am an athlete.


I am a high school senior,

I am currently keeping all my grades at A’s.

I am enrolled in our community college too.

I am currently in need of 4 credits to graduate.

I have applied for 5 univeristies.

I am a student.


I am always giving a helping hand,

I am always giving advice,

I am always helping with a break-up,

I am a best friend.


I am a role model for small children.

I am a mentor for youth soccer,

I am a mentor for youth cheer.

I am a mentor for middle school students.

I am an active member in my community,

I am a volunteer.


I am a Brunette

I am blessed with Brown Eyes,

I am Involved,

I’m Happy.

I am Madison Helvie

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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