I am..

I am not the paper cut on your finger

I'm deeper, much deeper

I am not that bruise on your knee

I don't fade away that easily

I am not your worst nightmare or best dream

I am something in between

I'm a tree with missing leaves 

I'm a guitar with no strings

I m not fully broken or complete

But I am growing daily

Your words don't mean a thing to me 

They are not what make me, me

& I can assure you 

My heart is not made of stone 

But your sticks have broken all of my bones and i'm better for it!

I promise i don't hate you 

Even though that is what you expect me to do

But I have learned from you 

Truth is, I've been in your shoes

Throwing stones and pouring salt in wounds 

But that is not me 

That is not what I am meant to do, you see

I want to help prosper you

Spread a message of love and passion for things new

& I need you too know its not to late for you 

You can turn the tables 

Exchange your pain for a life renewed 

..its up to you 

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