i am


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i am
i am no longer a child
i became a man
i see all
i see the truth
about all you did to me
everyone else was dumb enough to follow your lead
you chose pride over me
you chose power over me
it didn't work
i became a threat
your failures to leave me stranded and confused failed
secluded me from adulthood
at 1st, it was shameful
in my mind, everything will be fine
i was better off
right now and going forward
i lifted that heavy boulder off my shoulder
i was a child who needed his birth mother
no connections with my sisters
no connections with the rest of the family
in my mind, body, and soul, everything became better off
it was for the best
always remember, i stand out from the rest
no need to cry
i don't forget
i put it behind me and move forward
i am not tormented by regrets
there is nothing you can say
to change my feelings
you were dead wrong
on my own
i am fully healed

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Forgiveness is the key to true freedom. Jesus tells us to forgive so that we can be forgiven. This experience has made you into the man you are today. You took a negative and made it into a positive. May God continue to mold you to greatness.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i forgave, but didn't forget
i'm proud of who i become-thanks 4 the support
means alot

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