I am strong


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I am someone that has hardships

But doesn't everybody?

What makes what they experience different from mine?

What makes me different?

I am someone that has overcome self-harm 

I am someone that has overcome my own thoughts

I am someone that withstood my internal storm.

I am someone that breached my breaking point and still came back

They told me that what doesn't kill you makes me stronger

But it didn't stop me from trying.

It didn't stop me from trying to escape.

I am someone that gave in before they had a chance.

I am someone that didnt think of the consequences

I am someone thst no longer wanted to be apart of the crowd.

I am someone that no longer wanted to endure life.

It wasn't until someone told me that life will continue even if I don't

They told me that my hardships were something most people don't go through

And that IT'S OK

It's ok to struggle.

It's ok to have regrets.

It's ok to have wished for something more.

I am someone that wanted to end my depression

I am someone that decided that my thoughts weren't safe

I am someone that decided to make a change within myself 

I am someone that has relapsed time and time again 

I am someone that has overcocme my depression

I am someone that hasn't self-harmed in over a year

I am someone thst has overcome my hardships

I am strong





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