I Am Healing

My name means healing

But I wonder if she knew that

From the life she lived I thought that maybe my name signified





That I was bastard personified

That I was cursed from the point of my conception

That I was destined end up on someone’s negative statistic study


My name means God hath healed

But I don’t know if God had anything to do with my afflictions

My fetal alcohol syndrome

My underdeveloped bones



She needed healing  



The hopes she had for her life she passed on to mine



She saw through her polluted mind and noticed the disadvantaged she put me in


So in order to heal me before the pain began

In order to turn my fate into a future

In order to solidify a foundation I could build from


She made sure healing would be mine

That I could be become the healthy and driven young man I am today

That I would be guaranteed access to the benefits attached to RAPHEAL


It’s my name and it’s no mistake it was meant for me

I Am Healing

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