Morning Practice Poem (Format: I AM)

I am, with out a doubt, a different kind of morning person.

I can guzzle 6 cups of coffee and never wake up,

But when you present me with valid brew

I undoubtable connect the theme of the day,

To you.

Because you are as I am,

A morning person.


The more you mourn for your lost ones,

The more you know who I am,

Because nothing is boring in the morning,

In other words, 

I am the A.M. shift,

Twisted in a bowl of kicks.

Shifted in the presentation of this shitty world,

I curl.

I am bent.

I use words to reiterate what I meant,

But I mean nothing more by that.

And by that I mean,

I am a dangerous queen.

A fever fueld by the sunrise,

I cry, way too often.

And when tears run dry I wonder why

I slept in untill noon.

Because this beautiful world rises early,

I will soon too.


I am not a "tea person."

It's too sweet.

And these teath aint bleached

So lets light up a cigarette,

Pour a cup of coffee and join the world.

Because I am a dangerous girl.


Without my valid brew and morning song about trust

I seem to skew the world and shine it with rust,

because I am a swift gust of wind

Pretending to play the harp in heaven's kitchen.


I am.

I was.

And I will be

A constant reminder of myself in the morning.

Because this is when judgments don't arrive in time for me to decode them.

This is the time of the day when reality is pretending.

The morning is my little slice of heaven.

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