I Am

Mon, 10/26/2015 - 21:17 -- taviii

I used to be fragile.

As light as a feather.

As delicate as a dandelion.


I used to be lost.

So unsure of everything.

Never knowing which road was better to take.


I used to be afraid.

Afraid of the truth.

Afraid of letting the real me shine.


I used to be many things.

A lot of which I no longer am.


Because I have evolved.

And I am not fragile anymore, I am strong.

And I am not lost anymore, I have found my way.

And although I still get afraid sometimes,

I have gained the courage to speak the truth.

To let the real me shine.


For I am passionate.

More outspoken than I have ever been,

but never more than I aspire to be.


I am extraordinary.

I am certain.

And I have found my voice.

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