>“You are an outcast, a person of no hope, nothing more than bitter flesh.”

>I am.

>“You are a cloudy night sky, no light that represents your future.” 

 >I am.

>"You are someone who vaguely views the world, because you are a closed minded individual.” 

 >I am. 

>“You are a lost soul, a being with no purpose, no passion, a human who is like a helpless seed in a field of flowers.” 

>I am.. Because a past of sadness, which made me feel so worthless, a person with no future. A past with lacking my own self-love, to feel unworthy to continue on my own, with just my own courage. 

They scream, these voices. They pull me down, my choices. They make me cry, these memories. 

But what I really am.. is nothing more than a being who can conquer more than just the world. 

With my passions boiling through my veins, wanting to pursue a journey in having my happiness restored.

I thought I'd always be in a state of depression, having no interest in continuing my journey, along this road of life. 

But I grew and became a person of understanding. With graduating knowledge, realizing that past the difficult obstacles which may be thrown in my face, or hidden on this road, is to get by the fear and to search for a clearer future. 

Knowing that to every dull, depressing day, will be a night of a wonderfully starlit sky. Because with each obstacle ending with a victorious defeat is another star added to your night, as if conquering a medal to what seemed a hopeless fight. 

And though i’ve been put down so many times, I’ve found a way to go around the person who see’s no future in me. I’ve gone around my past self, because a future of greatness is destined to be.

I am an inspiration to those who’ve felt like I’ve felt. I am a being who now see’s a joyful future, and a life worth living ahead of me. 

Though at times I feel so lost, so unsure of what may come, I know to not give up, because at the end I know I will be awarded for what I’ve fought for. 

I am a person who is worth my voice.

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