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the inevitable question arises again and it cuts just as deep as it always does   the inevitable question always asked by someone else always painful always innocent
I eat too much to die and not enough to live and I claim that I try but I can’t say how much effort I really give   my body is shutting down but I’m past the point of feeling it
Consuming my days, and Filling the nights With a special blend of dread   It’s a debate in my head: I want the day to be over I want it to never end   I dread the days
They tried to tell me The funniest thing That what I’ve avoided Will be my own doom   They whispered so loudly The things I fear most And the monster inside me Uses my illness to boast.
The system is broken You can’t change my mind They don’t look for the right signs and warnings... And it hurts but I can’t And you won’t understand But I guess that’s the price left to pay  
The sky was falling In the form Of grey translucent drops.   The air was heavy In my lungs So my mind took me away.   I made a plan I packed and ran Every
Should I be skinnier? Smaller? Should I be more quiet? Should I be prettier? More makeup? How can I change myself? isn't that what you want? Is that what you want me to say?
An apple a day to keep me healthy you say, Just make sure its organic,  And have two a day. You only said one,  
A Tuesday morning,  at the crack of dawn. Step onto the scales, keep in the yawn. 
Why is it so hard to get better when that is what you really want to do? Some days it is easy, and other days it is so hard that the thought of being in control is something that you can't do.
 Destiny of a cursed “Runt”   Why did I stray? I misbehaved, Suddenly I feel beyond ashamed. Stringent to my body Rigorous hobby
 Destiny of a cursed “Runt”   Why did I stray? I misbehaved, Suddenly I feel beyond ashamed. Stringent to my body Rigorous hobby
Beep Beep Beep Alarm clock I think reach out to turn it off can’t move or even breathe open eyes, way too bright  Needles in my skin
  She has a smile even the stars can’t outshine But if you look in her eyes, she’s breaking inside She walk around with confidence, her chin always up
Don’t tell me you know me Because you don’t All you know are smiles and “im okays” You have no idea of the pain underneath
I can walk into an all-you-can-eat buffet, and my brain will light up like a gambling addict's. Numbers running in my brain, neon signs floating above plates counting fat and carbs and sugar,
Your quiet breath held mine captiveRough actions that sealed my mouth shutAgainst the screams that tore at my throatPushed down into my stomachGuilt and hate became my new mealFed in small and large doses
  Punch, punch, punch. Make it a very deep hue, This is something you need to go through.   Cut, cut, cut.
Had a foreboding stranger preemptively prophesied to my girl-self – Of the past two years I endured, with the hollowed bones of a bird Readily acquiescent to the beguiling caress of death
Some people have a fear of heightsI have some friends with a phobia of clownsOthers of mice, the dark, and flying.Me? I have a fear of the numbers that stare back at me from the thing I dread having to step on
I diet, exercise, and exercise, nothing seems to work.  Still 152lbs. Swim for a couple hours, go to the gym, run around the block twice.  Doesn't work. Look in the mirror.
The dwindling down of supper. Lead me to believe malnutrition was the cause. I drank more water. Forgot my pills. Consumed myself with my work.
I had a toothache that resided deep in my jaw. It stung and jolted and even  burned. This tooth was not like the others. It didn't want to chew food.
Recovery something beautiful  and yet so chaotic, words sweal  forming memories  thoughts   Recovery seen as negative, reminder of what we are what we could be
this letter is me saying goodbye. this letter is everything i couldn't say when you were in my room that night when i asked you to stop to leave me alone and you persisted in touching me
Skipping meals, once again how does this happen, how is this a trend? it isn't trendy to starve oneself yet here I am
Think about it too much? or not enough? Will I ever believe in trust? believe in me, and my own skin? or will I fight, against my kin?
The mirror cries long tears to the bus station Her feet draw their mottled shapes on the Pavement It is wet and cold.   In my mouth, there lies elegant blood
Sometimes I think I look back to middle school in health class we did a project where we researched a mental illness or something like that I researched anorexia and I snap back to now
just words written down nothing more nothing less until they were words about bodies respect food fuel no longer words but a path to recovery
they say the universe is infinite that dark matter is constantly expanding that we are but a speck in this scheme so why is it that everytime I look in the mirror I see something horribly massive
I met a girl once,  whose hair absorbed sunlight and face repelled it. She said she was allergic to daisies and fireworks, armpit fat and turmeric
Speak not of my bloodied chest, but pray instead for some forgotten justice !   Fair Lady Wind, your presence is as welcome as the flow of my precious life-blood. I will evermore search of your beauteous 
Poetry is art, beauty in motion Soft to the ear like expensive hand lotion words need to rhyme, not make sense success will come, at somethings expense Rap music and sonnets, similar in style
When I was 11, I started starving myself When I was 13, I started cutting myself When I was 15, I kissed a boy who had a girlfriend When I was 16, I made a lot of mistakes When I was 16, I decided I needed to change
I have lost weight since I was in fifth grade and I know this because I have tracked my weight, watching it go up and down, like a child on a Carousel. I am only a freshman in High School,
the best part of the norovirus is that while it robs you of your breath, leaves you sweat-shaking with hot chills in bed it also steals your appetite finally, to be empty by no willpower of my own
I have always been the small girl. The short girl ,the skinny girl, the I can wrap my fingers around her wrist girl. The eat a cheeseburger girl.
Have you noticed? Have you noticed how I’m chewing gum again? How apples have become my favorite food again? That I can’t sit down because of the bruises again?
Sometimes I think I'm not good enough. Sometimes I know it for a fact. Sometimes I can stare the world 'til it backs down, Sometimes the opposite enacts. Somehow, I never seem to fit in,
I am trapped inside my body the shell of a girl who cries at the thought of breakfast, lunch and dinner or the days when I say "fuck it" and eat how I should just to be punished by someone screaming
Found poetry based on the article 5 Lies My Friends With Eating Disorders Have Told Me.   Just me, all alone in this big hungry city! All I wanted was something.
My therapist once asked me what I thought when I heard the word “beautiful” I cringed and sank back into my seat and uttered one simple word - disgust
These thoughts don’t stop Won’t stop Can’t stop Never stop   These thoughts make me do things Things I wouldn’t normally do
choosing clothes looking in the mirror starring into a stranger.   we know tonight we'll skip dinner to wake up a little bit thinner.   walking with your dog will never be the same
  Sometimes I feel about my body the way meat must feel about sausage casings. Too many circles forced inside squares, too many curves held captive behind societal bars.  
I cannot wear the red blouse. Lines that defined my curves taunted my eyes Blurry tears dripping as I ran faster into dusk To fit into a teenage concept of “sex appeal”  
Dear Toothbrush  
Dear ED, How you made me feel like Eve, at the early age of 13. Taking me to the Garden of Eden, just by opening up that one Teen Vogue magazine.
Dear Parasite Living In My Brain, When you officially decided to set up camp in my head is still a mystery. You grew slowly, and gradually took over all of my thoughts and emotions.
Dear ED, or should I call you by your real name? Anorexia. Oh, how far we go back. I have written this letter in my head hundreds of times to you but I've never had the guts... (Ha! the irony)
Dear Ana, I know, I know I failed, I know I should have done better. I know, I know, I know. I’ll find you one day, I promise. I almost had you, but I let go. I let them take you away from me.
Dear Eating Disorder,    I loved you, with every inch of my pudgy body.     When I began to lose my mind, you told me to lose weight.    You held my life together.
to You--   if You look out onto that manhattan skyline and You imagined that You You were God, gliding
to You--   if You look out onto that manhattan skyline and You imagined that You You were God, gliding
I'm tired of your twisted ways, How you've occupied too many of my days, You're cruel, vicious, and like to ruin lives You don't care who dies or survives. I've been in your grasp for eight long years
Dear Daddy, As I sit at this blank screen and wonder what to write. As I think back to everything you've taught me, and realized you were right. You were the world to me, my sun, moon and light.
Does anyone else feel like they are being held captive? Well, I do. You want me to find the ugliness outside. I wish I was blind. I try not to count the calories so I write in diaries.
To a Certain Skeletal Sickness     Dear Ana, you know your devastation on me.   When you take a physical part away, you also steal my soul  
Once There was a castle. In that castle was a princess. Cursed, By danger and imperfection.  
I have never been to great at math. Numbers looks like hieroglyphics that have yet to be tanslated into english. Its symbols look like my 5th grade art portfolio scribbles, but yet
ravenous creature feeding on scraps and whispers tired of waiting   no longer sitting patiently or silently
we are monsters together, huddled under the bed of our childhood selves, keeping each other warm when there is nothing to eat but nightmares.
You're taking all these health and science classes:Nutrition, Wellness, and Anatomy. You know how risky losing weight this fast is.If you know better, then why can't you eat?
 no one invites me anywhereno one wants to hang out with meno one likes me as more than a friendI have tons of problems tooI hate myself I feel so ugly I feel so fatI starve myself
You don't need more food... You should probably get a small... You should go for a walk... You should cover your stomach... Why aren't you speaking to me? Why do you always sleep?
After years of starving myself to be thin, Rewarding myself when I ate far too little, And forcing myself to vomit if I ate “too much”,   Obsessively counting calories,
Water. Low-calorie, no-calorie, sugar-free and…water. When i only ate a bite of my lunch and threw the rest away. You didnt notice.
All you’ve had to eat for the past 2 days are your own fingernailsSkinny girls hip bone wishesYou want to be skinnySkinny means prettySkinny means wantedSkinny means loved
And I drank water not to quench my thirst, but to repel my hunger. And I writhed  when someone made me eat. And I couldn't mask the feeling that something was eating me
Tuck in the shirt and tighten the belt, it'll help you look smaller. Tighten the apron. Eat breakfast because it should be the only big meal you have today. I wonder if they think I'm beautiful?
Fat thats what I am Ugly that's what I think when I look into the mirror, that mirror that just looks deeper into my eyes, that sees the hunger that fills them.Searching for the food that will stop the never-ending disorder.Help help that's what m
Fat thats what I am. Ugly that's what I think when i look into the mirror, that mirror that just looks deeper into my eyes, that sees the hunger that fills them.
Everyday girls stand on the scales, and cry. They look in the mirror and cry. They look at themselves, see themselves as fat when they are fading away to skin and bone.  
  Dear Anna. 
  Dear Anna. 
I try, I really do But it never seems enough It plagues my mind, Day and night The voice just won’t shut up.   I constantly want more But at the same time, want less
I am a host for a parasite, A parasite whose disease has sucked on my mind, Leaching my hope, Leaching my sanity, Raping me of all personality.
I am angry I am angry at the word Society I am angry that people still think Anorexia is just for girls and I am angry at the term "Pro Ana."
pain. when you're in pain for much of your day, you'd do anything to rid it away, but you cant. all you do is sleep and pant. when you've given up on such, just to sit in the muck an drown.
Dear Ana, it's me a friend The one you almost pushed to the very end Dear Ana my knuckles still scarred Ana, why? Why have you come back to revisit me Ana don't make me plead.
All you’ve had to eat for the past 2 days are your own fingernails Skinny girls hip bone wishes You want to be skinny Skinny means pretty Skinny means wanted Skinny means loved Skinny is only a fantasy for you, hoping, praying to lose that 20 poun
I lie here with him, with her. He is holding me like I am his all and I lie here stiff as a board. She stole my heart, a heart that was once his, a heart that was once warm with love and passion.
This cloudy mindset, now my norm. The aching pains, I learned to ignore. The feverish chills, that I possess. Just another day, of living with death.   I cannot think straight.
America Where they say to be yourself But "yourself" should be beautiful So you make Yourself Only you know you will never compete  With the image on the screen Or the perfect aesthetic squares
Can’t see it, can’t have it, can’t taste it, Or you will surpass your limit. Don’t let your body throw a fit. In the end, you know that it’s worth it.
I feel my heart is racing my mind is constantly chasing yet here I am just spacing desperately embracing rapidly effacing i'm falling and displacing
She's silhouetted against a stark nothing. You can see where the tear rolls down her cheek And the skin clings to her bones as she bends down. She's starving herself. She doesn't realize she's in pain.
Was he really that desperate?The words pound through my mind.Was he really that desperate?My legs threaten to give in beneath me. Was he really that desperate?
This feeling has sunk deep into my soul and I’m afraid that my body isn’t mine anymore.24 hours a day, 7 days a week.There’s no time for resting.This feeling makes me wish that the next day to come unfortunately wouldn’t.
A year ago today The end of October A happy girl stood on a scale and saw the number had dropped Joy filled her! Soon she had to buy all new jeans because all of hers were to big Size 8! Isn't that great!
I'm losing weight because you only love me for my skeleton, on my ribs you carve ampersands, because my life is nothing without your "and's." "And the others are prettier, the others are wise."
Stomach shriveled Legs weak Loss of appetite Loss of sleep Constantly freezing Constantly stressed Why oh why am I so depressed? Hunger is gnawing I'm feeling so faint
It’s not an addiction, Really it’s not, But that mirror, It’s a source of affliction.   Not long ago, I could look in that mirror,
The reflection  wants me to die. The reflection wants me to starve. The Reflection wants to be loved. The Reflection wants to change. The reflection wants to be changed.
The demons live, They live inside me.   They tell me not to eat, They tell me to cut.   They tell me I'm not good enough, They tell me nobody cares.   And I can't escape them,
One cut, Two cuts, Three cuts, Four, C'mon honey, Whats one more?   Five cuts, Six cuts, Seven cuts, Eight, Want some dinner? "I already ate".   Nine cuts, Ten cuts,
I use to have a best friend. She was tall and extremely thin. When I look in the mirror, I sometimes see her again. Even though she was thin, She still wasn't comfortable in her bony skin
As a way to not feel depressed, Or maybe it was oppressed. The fifth grade was only a start, As a senior I still feel its mark.   My mother felt the bottle or aluminum can was an escape
silent breaking, day by day against my will, I run away afraid of those I used to trust one breath away from giving up   Hope seems but a vague memory
I am 14 and I am sinking to the bathroom floor for the third time this week. I read all the instructions, Filled out all the forms, But still I have fallen behind. I never speak up in class,
Tell her that the way her bones stick out from her body is sexy Explain to her that you don’t like “big girls” Tell her that the gap in her thighs
It is delicious and sweet, So simple to enjoy, When not having to worry about a thing. For me that's not the case. I love food, at least I did But the relationship is on and off.  
Hate never silenced her wordsAnd compliments never brought about changeAll she ever did was binge and purgeBut her mind remained tainted and strange
When I was 7 years old My mind was consumed With visions of angels The soft glow of the sun The splashing of water
Anorexia nervosa. Battle of the mind. Battle of the body. It all describes the same struggle. It was the disease that landed me in the hospital. Therapy of all kinds was scheduled. Art, music, family, group, writing.
I will never write poetry again. The day started with a usual feeling of grief, I didn't want to go to school and I definitely didn't want to go to English class.
I look in the mirror and hate what I see  Lines of red up and down my body Fat as can be    People say I need to loose weight  That I'm getting too big  So when my parents ask I say "I already ate."
Sitting in the car attached to the cart while grocery shopping with your mother Being carried from the couch to your bed by your father after you've accidently fallen asleep watching The Little Mermaid again
When I was young I hated the summer Sweat, tight clothes, overflowing out of stiff shorts Sucking in, holding my breath Standing up stiff and straight- I couldn't wait to be underwater Where no one could see me
It started innocently in high school Entering those broad double doors Gazing at the slender and sleek girls Wishing I could be one of them   I was content with what I had Until I got those looks of
With two fingers down my throat I taste only shame as I imagine myself with a negative 2 inch waist and a gap between my legs that could've gone on for a mile and I envision the boned creature that dances in the darkest corners of my mind parading
Don't romanticize this and say some boy or girl will pick you up off the floor and hold you in his arms and wipe your tears away and kissing you anyways. This is the gruesome reality of always smelling like puke. It never goes away.
You never noticed That you never saw him eat In all the months you've known him. You had no idea Whether she shaved her legs Because you never saw her in anything but sweats -
The need to be skinnyThe hatred of your own bodyThigh gapCollar bonesHip bonesOur society has createdaskinny love.
  2002. I’m seven years old and scared as hell To make a sound I start to weep and plead with her Please, please not Emily
Sitting on my stomach burning the wet tissue.  sadness fills the void. never good enough, not anymore. hating self-control 
half of me is here, I always feel watch as I disappear as I sabotage my nutrition Don't eat.  there goes that voice again my lover daring me to gain a fucking pound
She runs away to hide nobody giving her a second glance  so no one sees her cry why can't they give her another chance Broken girl all alone locked away in her room putting on her headphones
anorexia and bulimia became my entire life for 4 solid, miserable years. every month i’d stop eatting till they took me to the hospital, then when i got home, i’d do it again. every month i’d drop around 10 pounds, some months i’d drop 20.
I look in the mirror  I don't see me I just see her The demon that haunts my every thought and dream Some call her Ana I usually just say  Ana Please Ana,
Life is... 
I fear that I am a mistake a mistake of God.. and one day He'll realize it, then I'll disappear. No one will notice, no one will care, some may even be relieved..
Can I swallow some pills to help me swallow the pain? Give me a blade s I can slice away. Teach me to hold things in and I will teach you to deposit small wieghts of trickery into your pockets.
“you are what you eat.” an english proverb - if you eat well, you will be well; but if you eat badly you will feel bad. i used to eat icing behind the couch, shovel it into my mouth like the dirt i played with outside. i’m seven and alive, and i...
You look in the mirror, you poke and pinch, turn to the side, suck in, wish you could lose just one more inch. You swear up and down you've already eaten, by "skinny thoughts," you already feel beaten.  
I am someone who just wants to escape To flee the deep, dark depths of my mind To a place free of dibilitating pain The kind of pain that grips my throat and suffocates me I want to be beautiful
ideal: a person or thing regarded as perfect.
Me. Its not as simple as most people would think to define me.
A girl of just fourteen Decides to go lean Little by little stop the meals Skip the breakfast Take the heel A moment on the lips A lifetime on the hips A year passes She's underweight
My arms have gotten fat and weak My thighs are soft and plush The weight I gained is in my cheek My stomach feels like mush My former self ws thin and weak Although I thought her strong
  Photos of perfect people #Filter Photos of perfect bodies #Filter Photos of perfect models #Filter I do no think these photos embody the beauty of a sleepy smile, or the yawn of somebody you love
My mind is spinning I am going to throw up Anxiety kills ~Dmonica
Anna “You can’t have sex wearing a wig” she said That line could’ve made me laugh If she wasn’t clutching the sides of her head Wondering what choice did she have.  
“It’s all in your head.”                                     “Chemical imbalance. You just have to deal with it.”             “You’re just looking for attention.”
My voice Is something which my ears fail to define When it kisses the air, it splinters Into exactly 2 billion and 3 question marks Hooking round my pores and Peppering my flesh with pock-marks of stray
I'm lostlonely, languishing in this miseryI don't know what to do to fix thisI just want to laugh some time,and I need to get rid of this lanugoand maybe just once in a while
The heat escapes your "perfect" body. The bruises on your tailbone green. The hunger pains bring satisfaction. A skeleton too early for Halloween.  
I was not beautiful. I am not beautiful. I will never be beautiful. But I could be thin. It began as a whisper It grew louder, it spoke to me Until every day it was a Screaming in my ear,
The world drains of colour Black mourning in my eyes   Too many times I've stared death in the eye So close   I could feel his cold Stagnent breath on my cheeks  
She speaks in tongues But you understand her ramblings No matter what Because she's all you know.   She moves in sync With your breaths  And broken steps because She follows you always.
Dear Anorexia I hate you ana You runied my life for so many years
What would I give for a moment of peace, a moment to feel, a moment to breath, a moment to not hear the voices in my head yell constantly your NOT good enough. Your not worthy of love, only pain.
I have watched the love of my life Fluctuate her weight In attempts to control it And control her disordered eating I have watched her eyes sink Her ribs poke out
Mia whispers that I could be better. Ana shouts at me to pull it together. Mia says she wants what is best.
I'm being stared down by a bag of peanuts
my body is liquid

When you're a child
Pictures posted on the mirror thinness was my goal
Let me live in your bed,naked as a fishribs emerging day by day like gills as you steal my breath.Moss will creep over my ankles -oh, keep us from the harsh heavy air,swim languidly through the sheets
Who am I?  A question even I don't know, For this face I do deny, And body try to hide,  This mask as my disguise,  Every mirror will catch my eye, To eat I have to try, Anorexia.  
As I stand in front of my closet, I tumble and climb to get to the top shelf because that is where I hide my five dollar scale. Seizing it down, I set it on some hard surface
It hit me one night on tumblr a blog i stumbled upon with a bio that sounded a LOT like my old best friend we never fell out our friendship never ended
The Power of Perfection
They call it unhealthy I used to disagreethat everything I used to do to mePut death right in my faceThey call it a disorder I can't say much moreEverything I used to hear was what tore
The meeting did not last very long,
She was the fat girl her whole entire life, Then one day she decided to eat right. She didn't see results as fast as she had hoped, So she stuck her finger down her throat and poked.
A beautiful fake smile wearing, Hides my internal tearing. I spend my days stealing, Robbing my body of healing. Bones and ribs are showing, Baggy clothes keep them from knowing.
It feels like stones no matter what I put in The hardness makes my stomach groan in pain The echoing of the fall audible from the outside I can eat old favourites or new worsts but it ends the same
God help me.  Give me a hand.  help me out.  im drowning in your presence, but it is evil that reaches his hand out to help.  to pull me out of these rising waters. 
I try to stand upright, but I just keep falling. I try to keep the blade away, but I just keep bleeding. I try not to puke, but my throat is raw. I try to care, but I just can't.
I count my ribs, one 
there are some who will say
Saddened self harmers, Battling bulimics, Angsty anorexics, Isolated insomniacs, Scared schizophrenics, Lonely lesbians, Gloomy gays, Battling bisexuals, Troubled transexuals,
Beat me down Pull my hair A constant frown It's so unfair   My mind is distorted It makes me see things that aren't really there My body is contorted God, I wish I didn't care  
The number, the size,the sanity, the happinesswane.  This is what you wanted, isn't it? Flat stomach, thigh gap,slim waist, and prominent bones,achieved.
"Treat me like glass, tear me to shreds like I'm paper." She had said. She spoke harsh words, but she whispered them like sweet nothings. The monster in my head. Inhale, exhale.
A girl, overweight her whole life, wants to be thin.  Before she can, she has to plan Cut out sugars Detox, only for a few days though, it'll be okay Eat less, it'll help Fat, is all I see
I know how it feels. To hate the food you put in your mouth. So why not go without? A day? Barely eat anything? Not a problem. Because you can use it.
You came to me, like a snowflake falling from the sky, drifting until you found your way. Your smile was like a fire, it sparked in me and made me want to ignite it everyday.
You saw me before I saw you.
I am quietbecause were I to open my mouthand let out the sugardemonscrouching behind my teeth,they would make you cry.I am tiredbecause were I to stay awakefor an hour or so more
It was always either too hot or too cold in her troubled mind. And no amount of tossing or turning could ever tucker her out enough for her to tuck her self in, at night her mind was a race car that never ran out of gas,
Ask the girl in the glass how she survives on just air. Ask her, how does she last when she devours nothing but despair? And remorse coats her every attempt to ignore what she sees,
Healthy girls wanting to be my size they aren't happy they have voices in their heads telling them to eat this an eat that  that's why they are fat they always complain and it's not a game 
Disappointment. Anger. Sadness. Fear. I'm afraid. Some days are easier than others. Some days it feels like ropes are pulling me into the ground, and I don't have the strength to resist, so I just sleep. Some days my heart feels heavy.
They say "stay strong, keep moving on" while I'm shuttering and cold; and I've been growing old,  of the voices in my head. And, I'm all alone.    "it's just a phase," they say.
With an empty stomach I go to bed. There is no food for me tonight. With an empty stomach I wake up. The result of the night before is taking its effect.
Today, my math teacher taught us about the emp
Taped on her mirror Are pictures of Goddesses Angelia, goddess of lips Kim, goddess of curves Twin goddesses Mary Kate and Ashley Deities of being skinny She wakes up
clickclickclickclick goes the key board as i sip my morning tea. Spiling, gushing ,spewng my deepest trauma and heatache. My therapy, your guilty pleasure. The best job, if you ask me, is that of a writer.
5'3 and 140 pounds. Doctor says there's risk, could become overweight. Better work out soon, tisk tisk.   5'3 and 130 pounds. Parents praise showers her, With inspired faces and dedication
Listen to pretty music
Looking down at the scale, A little girl’s legs tremble in fear. In shock she turns pale, Hoping she could disappear. “I must starve! I must starve! No one will love me, If I do not barf.”
My girlfriends and I were in the gym.I lifted five pound dumbbells. They went on the most intense machinesat the highest speeds.Sweat poured out of their pores
The mirror is my audience
Psychology class has stirred me, and I want to address this burden. In fact, I will use apostrophe to address it in second-person. You've been terrorizing people; that's a well-known fact.
Here I am,
An obsession An addiction. It tortures me, but I need it. I got to know the number on the scale.   Restrict my food. Binge eat. Purge. Thoughts of laxatives.
I once was A girl caged in lonliness; living nightmare The devil on my back Crawled in my head
Just get over it, she said. Were these words simply a cruel joke? I never expected to hear them From the walking medical degree in a lab coat. Shouldn’t you be smarter than that? I wanted to scream.
If I take one bite I won't forgive myself I will not accept  This body is not mine This body is not right I hate it I don't want it I can't have it Magazines, TV, and ads.
There we stood face to face neither one daring to flinch The mirror howling screaming in agony its cries growing more and more and even more intense
I feel him on my back, The demon that’s riding me, He’s been with me through everything.   Every panic attack, He’s the one on my chest Making it hard to breathe, As I gasp in air.  
I have never longed for emptiness
He told me, "Put down the cigarette,"
I don't want to look death in its sunken face And realize what I've left for the human race To remember me by is nothing but Insecurity and shame, oh it isn't enough I want to leave behind a legend, not even grand
This isn't something you ask for, This wasn't something I chose For the monster that tricked me, Was as alluring as a rose. I didn't realize my portions, Began to drastically shrink,
In fifth gradeI ate rotten meatbecause a ten year oldcannot hate themselves. In sixth grademy dad left for the sixthand the final timeand I started blacking outfrom trying to hunt him down
            She looks up from the porcelain sink to see the reflection of a girl. Her face is drained of color and her lips tremble.
Ana is my best friend, Or so I thought she was. Ahe fills my head with lies To constantly disguise The fact that she's no good for me. Truth be told, She's killing me.   "Beauty is pain"
I look in the mirror My smile fades Disgust overwhelms me  As I go through each day Why am I living? Why am I here? Just to disappoint Living with fear I'm never good enough
Walls, built sturdy and tall.Doors, built to let people in.These walls make a tower,         I threw away the key.All in an effort, to keep you from me.
 He used to tell me that I wasn't good enough. He used to hurt me, but on the outside I just played along. I never looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I put scars on my skin, like he etched on my heart.
Stop, Constant struggle to ignore the harsh words, drama and hate fill the halls,
How Dare You Say I am too young To see and feel and think the way I do How Dare You
You say you’re notbut you’re eating—feastingon yourselfand me.
I fist fought a girl named Ana,A battle to the death-And when she pushed me to the groundShe knocked me out of breath.She pulled out my hair in pieces,She bruised my fragile bones,
the flourescent lightson her iridescent skinreveal the railroad tracksof her train with no brakes"all aboard," the ageless conductor criesshe climbs in.
It is not that I love death more, but that I love myself less. This eating disorder is becoming a chore. It is something lodged in my chest. It's not that I love food less,
I hear voices Go see the school psychologist I am not eating anything Go see the nurse I am cutting myself Go see a guidance counselor I am pregnant Go see Planned Parenthood
Shes controled by a skinny waist, a empty stomach and an acid taste. Sit back and watch closly, as that beautiful soul goes to waste. Keep up with the fast pase, another skipped lunch and a hunch to move paranoia in it's place.
  my path is a well-worn one
The slits on her wrist, The burns on her calf. Not eating for weeks, Hating herself.   These are not things to glorify, They should not able to. Be seen clearly,
  Chains Chains clinking metal frozen wrists bound reaching for freedom no key to set me free or strength to uncuff
Forever engaged to silence  getting through day by day smiling and laughing  pretending your okay "Im fine" or my favorite "I already ate" she pretended to happy  but all that was fake
If you took a good, long, hard look at her stomach, what would you see?  Don't look at the skin of her stomach which she mistakes for fat.
Inside, they consume me the words of society filled with rejection   My heart aches and throbs  as I'm wrapped in the image of pure pefection   Yet I can not grasp
I step on the scale Feel the glass beneath my feet One hundred and ten pounds That's still too much for me   I'm trying so hard to fight this And the battle is not yet lost
She wants it within herself....peace Because she can't get it from nobody else looking in the mirror seeing someone big and fat but she purges and binge so how come she see that
Count the calories, count the pounds, the less you have the smaller you are. Collarbones, tiny waist, beauty is deeper than just your flesh. Struggling with yourself, fighting the demons in your mind.
I’ve had a target on my back since I was five.I got to the point where I didn’t want to be alive.Like other children, I just wanted to be an actress.That turned into hiding razors under my mattress.
You're looking skinny like a modelWith your eyes all painted black.Always going to the bathroom,Saying you'll be right back.Well it takes one to know one, kid.I think you got it bad.
I have a bad habit of developingbad habits.
Memories of bright days flow out of my head and drip to the floor Into a liquid blob of obscure, lifeless, dark figures. Color. Happiness. Sanity. Personality. Life.
I'm just dying To be perfect. Whatever it takes, Will be worth it. Can I please, Be enough for you? I'm stumbling, trying, To make it through. And pleasing everyone,
You live, you die, you laugh, you cry That is how life goes, but i wonder why Some say it is like a roller coaster It takes you to your highs and lows Others say it is like a journey
you wear Sadness as an oversized sweateras a familiar haircut-never ostentatiousinstead always quietalways specious.
Fault of Destiny As a female it is destine to endure the pain of feminism. The curiosity of Eve will forever haunt the innocent. A normal female
I step into The hallway. It's blurry. One more step. Each step takes so much Effort. There are no other bodies But mine. Everything is a hazy Cream color. Except the lights.
The wind in the willow the will o' the wisp   A treehouse down where I used to live Up in the willow the willow that weeps Outside the orchard my maple held me
Ribcage Open your ribcage To try and see the thing inside That threatens to drag you under   The hunger causes it It eats away at you Gives you dead eyes And fuzzy thoughts  
All this suffering - it makes no sense How one could live through such nonsense. Minute by minute, the pain increases As it rips through her veins like shards and pieces.
I can smell it. It makes my stomach growl, yet churn. My mouth begins to water,  as I take in the scent. I refuse it, the urge to taste. I have the strength. I will reach my goal.
I get angry at my body for what's living in my headif I could flee my form I'd do it, and live in my soul insteadmy body has its wants, but my soul has its needs,and what my body wants leaves my disgusted soul to bleed
A grim reflection of skin and bones Tearing her apart with self-hatred Magazines covered with beauty She only wishes she could be like them The mirror tells her lies
It was so easy at first. Like a moth to the flame. I was an innocent victum. And you a harmless game. Just skip one,  it can't hurt? After all, what's the worst? Nobody can see the damage,
  Camera, cameras, flash. Click, Click, snap.  The people all stare but it’s my job not to care. She tells me I’m pretty, he tells me I’m fine. But it’s always there, in the back of my mind.
I had zits. I have zits. We all do, it just comes with being a teenager. And just like zits, that awful “I’m not beautiful” feeling also comes with being a teenager.
My skin hangs weightlessly off my bones, like an old shirt on a clothes hanger. My stomach feels no hunger, it no longer knows what hunger is.
I'm hungry. But who really cares, because these leggings don't fit. My head hurts. And you can't take pills on an empty stomach. The world feels fuzzy. I wish I had the power
  Everyone around me speaks casually Of diets and calories And bad metabolisms I will sit And keep my mouth shut And bite back tears As images of perfection
I never knew that there were ways to express myself out loud. Always bottling up emotions, ready to explode. Soon, I began to write. I released emotions that had been suppressed for too long.
No one knows I haven’t eaten in weeks; I try my best to act normal; Within this sickness, I have reached my peak; Just waiting for my turn to fall; Sometimes its not so easy to hide; And some begin to get suspicious; But I will continue to push al
Ana and Mia Sitting in a tree And what do you know Along comes Me They trick my mind So I see them as beautiful And who would’ve thought I began to fall in love I fall fast
I'm trying I'm trying I swear that I am But my life is in pieces I don't give a damn Yes I know it's unhealthy Yes I know I could die I'm told that I'm pretty But that last one's a lie
THE DUSK My body begs for me to stop. I will not listen. I will not give in. The Voice forbids it. It's true, less really is more. I cry. Eyes like a troubled sea. But I swear I'm fine.
I turn like an unbalanced ballerina in the face of the mirror, Examining each curve and pudge of the body I have been drilled to hate, And squint critically as I suck in my stomach. Am I pretty yet?
Unyielding as the door Take notice of my tears as they beat the bathroom floor I open my mouth but no sound comes out Transparent and free moving like the wind blowing by
Today, I ate a half an apple. Today, I stared at myself in the mirror, saw the jutting of my hips, the mountains of my shoulder blades, and the hills and valleys my ribs made. I saw With my own eyes My body
From a bench I watched them walk, all in a line, the exertion of emotion dripping from each individual pus-filled, black-headed pore, twitching and moaning like dead men with gaping mouths and scarlet tongues
For all the heartbroken teenage poets whose hearts are filled with unspoken rhymes, for the lovelorn adolescent authors whose beloved words are spoken out of time,
See that girl sitting over there? Rumor has it that in the ninth grade she and a senior boy with a movie poster face and a Hollister body went at it in the bushes at Sarah Something-Or-Other's 18th birthday party
I look at the mirror and see a face I so hate to see. Take the tape, measure 'bout my waist Compare the scale at my feet. 170, it says, so I will change it.
It’s the shriek that wakes me. A piercing, horrifying shriek that invades my peace Like an unconcerned army marching blindly under the control of unknown generals,
Internalize what you love, despise desire lose yourself, entire yet don't dismiss that inner tormented artist when did we proclaim that our dreams were unattainable?
She’s perfectly perfect Skinny enough But she doesn’t see that reflection in the mirror. Everything wrong. The feeling of imperfection ever lasting. Starvation forces numbers down
She takes a deep breath before looking into the mirror, Afraid of her 19-year old reflection, Taking an unsteady step forward she raises her head, And sees a million imperfections,
Lady lazarus kissed me on the forehead Never again will I cry because She stole my heart and embroidered It with diamonds and emeralds Who will i be when I learn to fly?
His hollow black eyes whisper lethal, but he sure knows how to weave grace into a dull ribcage. His secrets of elegance deter one from the uncertainties of existence.
I may sleep for the Weak I feel so deep in my Guts and those damn bones Not cured but bad I’m not in sickness but I Do think about it
I needed a friend... Someone Who would always be there for me Comfort To keep me safe and secure Courage To do what I wanted to with my life Happiness That my body could not contain ...
The miles beneath her feet were many, but she felt as though she hadn't moved. Head heavy as any stone she strove to keep her chin up and her head above water, but she knew.
It starts off as a stupid diet You just want to drop a size You never thought you'd end up like this Feeding your family lies
Dear Mom and Dad
She can’t remember when it all started, The day she became insecure. She used to be so confident, The one they all adored. She started looking around at all the other girls, Comparing herself to them.
You hold my tired hand Your bright eyes crinkle into that widespread smile Your thumb traces the tired lines of my palm I do not know what our future holds After all, we're seventeen
Mirror, mirror, on the wall Who's the fairest of them all? She who's tall and she who's thin, She who gets a workout in She whose thighs are far apart, She who has an ice cold heart.
Recovery is a process and not an event It's a struggle not to win but to find some common sense We're stuck in a world where failure is wrong Well, failure is a puzzle piece that completes our song
You know that thing? The thing that nobody talks about? Making yourself puke? Yeah I do that It hurts It burns It destroys your teeth But what they forget to tell you In health class
Recovery Is Possible That's what they keep telling me I don't know how to believe it When I've had this eating disorder For almost a decade But I know I'm sick of it I'm sick of the being sick
That's what someone called me yesterday I was just walking Alone In the hallway at school And the girl The blonde one With the long, slender legs And the flat stomach
Ana Anorexia Anorexia nervosa Ana My friend My best, closest friend You're there for me When I need you You whip me into shape You love me I can tell you do
The thing about ED is He never leaves you Through the good The bad The ugly He's there A little wasp Following you around Stinging you Every time you reach out
I eat for the wellbeing of my body For my blood pressure And my heart palpitations And my hyperinsulinemia (whatever that means). I eat for the wellbeing of my body For my teeth And my bones
the whispers in my ears are my deepest darkest fears she yells but soothes always with bad news "you gained since yesterday" every morning i hear her say she forces me to stop
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