My Thoughts, My Mind


What would I give for a moment of peace, a moment to feel, a moment to breath, a moment to not hear the voices in my head yell constantly





Your not worthy of love, only pain.

What I would do to kill the demons who torment me and flood my head with what others would call blasphemy? Such demons like Ana with her foul friends who tag along and change their names in my head to confuse me.

Her trickery, their trickery, loud whispers that give me headaches, they cloud my hopes and dreams. I stare into a mirror daily as it shatters into pieces based on the male opinions of the day.

The tables are turning in the world so I've been told but I'm a stubborn piece of trash stuck inbetween the gears, I'm part of the problem. Waiting for a solution but I'm stuck,



To stuck to do anything.

I'm tired and sad.

I'm only a person who is small and tired and sad.

Im only a girl who is small and tired and sad and weak

I'm only a fat girl who is small and tired and sad and weak and dead

I'm waiting for a soultion to my problem

I was waiting for a soultion to my problem.

My thoughts, I think will soon be sound.

My mind I hope will soon be found.


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