I Noticed

You came to me,
like a snowflake falling from the sky,
drifting until you found your way.
Your smile was like a fire,
it sparked in me and made me want to ignite it everyday.
I wanted to cherish every part of you,
to make you feel the love you wanted so desperately.

When you were upset,
I tried noticing and recognizing the pain you
put yourself through.

I noticed your eyelids,
how after time,
they drooped from
the nights you cried yourself into slumber.
Your eye sockets,
after a while,
they started to concave.

Your strength weakening along with your smile.
It was harder to ignite it back,
even when the strength
of the spark was stronger than ever.

As I wrapped my arms around you,
I started feeling your bones,
digging through your skin like pushing your finger through a zip lock bag.

So fragile.

I ran my fingers over your back,
tears welling up in my eyes.

I realized how ill you were,
and I will forever regret not noticing you falling back like a disastrous landslide.

Your back bones repelled out of your skin like it was trapped and wanted out.
Your jaw bones stuck out at both sides at an almost fatal and sharp angle.
Your ribs broke my heart the most.
Every time I held you to me as if I never wanted to let go,
They dug into me,
almost stabbing me,
as if seeing you suffer was not enough.
I wanted to change you for the best.

So I started.
I visited you as if I could not spend one day with out checking to see if you had purged or not like you have.

I gave you affection to show that I noticed.
I gave you love to show that I noticed
I gave you everything I had to give to show that I noticed.

And with time,
those ribs of yours sunk back in.
Your eyelids replenished.
Your eye sockets plumped back.
Your back bones went back to normal as if they were pushed back into you.
And your jaw grew strong and healthy, not weak and skeletal like before.

That was the time I first realized something.
I did not just save you,
and you did not save me.
But we saved each other.

I Noticed


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