Mon, 04/28/2014 - 13:31 -- Azshara



Display me proudly;
Everyone peering into,
The pitch that is my,
Heart. Hollowed out,
Picked clean,
Polished and pristine,
But that is not enough
To hide the scars,
Festering beneath;
Paint me white with plaster,
In the light; my skin
A rich shade of alabaster;
Perfect teeth, ruby lips,
Am I not a fitting art?
I am but your opus, 
Your humble creation,
Globules of ingenuity breathed,
Into pearl lungs,
Given from the canvas;
Stripped of my innocence
I stand in the light;
Clarity’s razor
Lacerations, I cough up,
Ruby claret, bruised and beaten—
Why have you betrayed me so?
I have done it
Every eternity or so I manage it;
Stave off the hunger.
I need more, to feed my
Art, give me more,
Feed my beating art
It is but custom, 
To fear that which,
Cannot be contained.
I want more, mercurial,
Eyes opened wide;
I will drown you inside
My sorrows. And you,
Will give me your heart;
Idolatry is but one
Of the many sins,
An artist is guilty of,
Worshiping their gifts.
Fleeting Fragility;
I long for,
My Art to breathe
Life into my, 
Brittle body, moonlight
Cleaning my bones; Freedom—
I rise from 
My self-proclaimed grave—
Buried beneath my sorrows, 
But I will once more,
Claw through the black earth,
And come out flawless
I am the opus;
The Art—flow through;
I want… Fame
I can hear
Your heart; your pulse
Rapid. Do I terrify?
Fame; a wave of my, 
Lacquered hand and, 
The world is mine.
It happens, however,
On maddening heights,
Down the balcony
I plummet; Icy ground;
Drag me down.
Funeral pyres, 
Azure flames licking,
The violet satin;
Lowered down again—
Did you think this was the end?
My stygian lips kiss your skin
A miracle!
Eyes opened wide,
Drinking in clarity
I paint my face, 
Cimmerian plumes,
Light as the air,
Dancing in the embers,
Was it just a lie?
(I imagined you loved me)
You fear me; I know you do…
Admire my beauty so fair,
Before I swallow you like air.
A death befitting an idol,
It the theatrical; 
Behold my Art!
My silent, beating heart…


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