how many more?


It hit me one night on tumblr

a blog i

stumbled upon

with a bio that sounded

a LOT like my old best friend

we never fell out

our friendship never ended

but it was the saddest type of losing touch

the kind that starts out slow

and then all of a sudden you aren't talking anymore

and a year later you realise the girl you used to know

is gone

i found her again

but I wanted to cry

because I read her tags

and she was hurting more than anyone

and nobody even knew it

i haven't seen her in two years

yet I know she has secret marks up and down her body

secretly starving

a virgin called a slut

how has she become this?

she was a sweet jesus freak

we used to swap american girl books

and it hits me

she grew up too

and I began to look around

and three more friends who I have known since first grade

but lost touch with

are all in the same boat

i go to church and find another sinking soul

whos family doesn't know

i keep connecting dots

we're all freaking homeschooled

how did they wind up like this

yet i have been spared the life of hiding

slices up and down my arms and legs

hiding the lack of nutrition

covering tears

concealing, not feeling, not letting it show

i am thankful

but my heart is tearing in two for them

how can so many so close

be living in such a hell

and we never even notice?

that is not the thought that kills me most of all

the hardest question is

how many more?



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