Mon, 01/16/2017 - 06:42 -- LydMyr

I feel my heart is racing

my mind is constantly chasing

yet here I am just spacing

desperately embracing

rapidly effacing

i'm falling and displacing


Replacing my true self

a simple little herself

with a killer itself

two sides of myself

trying to kill oneself

with theirself


a this-self in a deteriorating shell

on food I do dwell

my appetite does swell

yet I eat not a single parcel

not a single morsel

its my life I do sell


As I fell into my death

as tragic as Macbeth

I'm running out of breath

my mind is constantly a-leth

skin and bone became my beth

I was the sword without my seath


just a few weeks ago

my demons now all a-stow

for months I'was so low

I fought and let it go

Slowly she ever so

redeemed that lovely glow

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How do I fix my poem? I cant seem to put in the line breaks or paragraph breaks?!


<edit> fixed it!

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