Don't Stop, I'm Fine; Can't Stop, I'm Dying

Skipping meals, once again

how does this happen,

how is this a trend?

it isn't trendy

to starve oneself

yet here I am

slowly offing myself

skipping meals

feels so good

breathing air

into my empty soul

feeling the numbness

creep through marrow

as my bones empty

into a dirt hole

but I'm not there yet

not quite in the ground

still walking this earth

decreasing in sound

creeping around

light enough for ice

don't ask me why this feels so right

skipping meals

is so bad

I know this

know this is sad

feeling a life

wasting away

lacking motivation

to just stay

stick around for awhile

have a bite, a whole meal

don't hurry out now

before the big reveal

just stay for one meal

and the big reveal

Will be

screaming at me

everything I don't want to hear

don't need to hear

make me wish to not be here

anywhere but here

take me away

this meal reveals all the hate

banished inside

grating on bones

equal starvation and hoe

all is coming out in prose

but wait

that's not all

not just yet

don't you yawn, piece of shit

the bigger reveal

most unwanted by me

is really, quite simply just a number of 3

any number greater than a 9 and a 9

is too heavy for me

to be free while alive

so don't you dare push that meal

right inside of my hips

don't you dare push me over

away from the corner

don't you dare prevent my goal

or make me any thicker than a pole

just don't

let me skip every meal

let me make it a trend

let me do what I want

when the demons come in

don't try to stop this

cus I'm 9 years going strong

and at the end of the day

I still realize this is wrong


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