It gets better

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 04:29 -- Sharmmx

It starts off as a stupid diet
You just want to drop a size
You never thought you'd end up like this
Feeding your family lies

You just want to be happy
Prove everyone wrong
Everyone thinks you're weak
But in reality, you're so strong

Why won't those voices go away?
You know, the ones in your head
Telling you you're not good enough
That you're better off dead
Who knew you'd end up like this?

Constantly feeling sad
If only you were a size smaller
If only the boys noticed you
If only you were a few inches taller

"Starve!" says that voice in your head
She only wants to help you out
She says her name is Ana
And she'll be with you all throughout

At first you like her
She's helping you become thin
Then she tries to control you
Claiming that eating is a sin

So you start to believe her
As she is taking over your mind
Believe me when I say this
She is cruel, not kind

You are too naïve to see this
So you grab a blade
And drag it across your skin
Hoping all your problems will fade

It actually feels good
In that moment, it feels good
It seems like nobody cares
Just because you're misunderstood

You take a second
And stand in the mirror
You wish that life were easier
That things could be clearer

You figure you'll never be good enough
Why not just end it?
Well let me tell you why
Because you can't quit.

There's so much more to life
So much you are capable of
Graduating school, getting a job
Even finding love

It's not too late to get help
It's never too late
Someone will always be there for you
Because suicide is not your fate

You are beautiful
On the inside and the outside
Think of how much your family would hurt
If you were dead

Please stay strong
I promise it gets better
You can be a doctor, a makeup artist, an engineer
You can be a trend setter.

Whether you're a boy or a girl
Short or tall
Small or big
That doesn't matter at all

You are perfectly imperfect
Please stop starving
Please stop bruising
And please stop carving.

Because I love you.

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