For Him

You hold my tired hand
Your bright eyes crinkle into that widespread smile
Your thumb traces the tired lines of my palm
I do not know what our future holds
After all, we're seventeen
But you've held this tired hand
Through dates at the zoo
And nights in the emergency room
Through sweet little kisses on my forehead
Through dinners with my parents
And a bottle of pills in my system later
You're still there
Through those nights in your bedroom
And the laughs with our friends
And the meals I just can't swallow
Through late night phone calls
And silent car rides full of tears
Through Sunday walks on the street
Through coffee hour
And the panic attacks
We've only got a few months left
You say we'll part our ways then
I know it's not easy
To be with me
But you've been there to hold my tired hand
And for now, you tell me
You're still there.


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