-a poem about food-

choosing clothes

looking in the mirror

starring into a stranger.


we know tonight we'll skip dinner

to wake up a little bit thinner.


walking with your dog will never be the same

and this time we know who else we can blame.


the 15 glasses of water can taste like your favorite juice

but only if you listen to the girl in your head

saying "keep going, at least your are not dead"



no matter how much you scream

she wont let you out cause you are not even thin.


"but my bones are showing up!"

"but my hipbones can pierce you up!"


"i dont care. you are not ready yet!"

"here, try this cigarette"


starvation will let flowers grow in your emptiness

and the feeling of hunger will always mean comfort

to those who met my friend claiming she shares happiness.


the strenght of those who were listening

will be already gone and whispering:


"be careful with what she shares

maybe not even ana cares."



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