You look in the mirror, you poke and pinch,

turn to the side, suck in, wish you could lose just one more inch.

You swear up and down you've already eaten,

by "skinny thoughts," you already feel beaten.


You notice the gap between your thighs,

you hear that curves are on the rise.

You eat all day, trying to pack on the pounds,

when you physically can't, you feel let down.


People tell you, you're pretty and truly you are,

but for some reason telling yourself that is hard.

You can't help what you see, what your brain distorts,

making your features all look warped.


You struggle everyday and no one seems to get it,

but someone called you fat in 5th grade and you'll never forget it.

You've learned to forgive, he doesn't matter now.

But how to forget, you may never learn how.


Eating disorders are very real, they affect your brain,

anorexia, bulimia, binge, all so different but they work the same.

They attack your thoughts and infest your mind,

but honey, just wait, it'll all be fine.


Someone will help you,

some boy or some girl

will come along and love you

more than anything in the world.

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My community
Our world


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