Empty Set


Today, my math teacher taught us about the empty set
Just a circle with a dash, nothing too special
It represents nothingness, emptiness.
Wouldn't that be sublime?
Dull eyes, painted on smile
Your little girl is getting littler.
Every day, with a makeup wipe, the smile comes off
Just like the flesh, ever disappearing
135. 125. 105. 85?
The numbers become magical ,whispering in your ear
Don't eat this, don't drink that.
Society doesn't like girls who are present, who are there.
If I could set myself aflame, drizzle myself with gasoline
And burn up into ashes that float higher, higher, up and away
It would be much better than this.
I am too much. I am too much here.
It's not a question of 'fat or skinny'
It's not a question of 'pretty or ugly'
I want to disappear, vanish like a puff of smoke
Rise up to the heavens, and become not-there.
So like the empty set I will become,
A dash through my middle, cutting me in half
And rendering me as nothing.
For I will will myself away.


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