Bullying Is Not Okay


I’ve had a target on my back since I was five.
I got to the point where I didn’t want to be alive.
Like other children, I just wanted to be an actress.
That turned into hiding razors under my mattress.
I just wanted all of the hate to go away.
I couldn’t even think about what my peers were going to say.
I was known as the tall fat girl.
My weight caused my world to turn into a whirl.
So I lost it all to be accepted,
but then I was known as the anorexic.
All I wanted was to belong.
That only led to things going all wrong.
I felt wanted when guys gave me attention,
but then I was known as a word that shouldn’t be mentioned.
I upheld a bad reputation that caused my world to shatter.
For that reason, guys assumed my consent no longer mattered.
I had had enough by the time I was fourteen.
I wanted to die to wipe my slate clean.
Bullying never was and never will be okay.
People should think before they decided what to say.
Words do hurt, despite what people think.
They can end someone’s life before you can even blink.
I tried to leave this world six times, only to survive.
All I have to say now is I am lucky to be alive.
Bullying should no longer be tolerated.
No one deserves to feel like they are hated.
There needs to be consequences for everyone’s actions,
so bullies can no longer get their sick sense of satisfaction.


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