Sat, 01/10/2015 - 17:49 -- AmyR


She speaks in tongues

But you understand her ramblings

No matter what

Because she's all you know.


She moves in sync

With your breaths 

And broken steps because

She follows you always.


You will choke 

Her hands around your throat

With a knife in your hand

And a full plate afront you.


You will convulse

Her fingers guiding yours

With a razor in your hand

And a pool of red afront you.


She will not listen

To you when you beg

Instead silence you with

Relentless whispers.


Though her voice is not loud

Her words are louder

Than any music you blast or

Any words from friends and family.


Not that you would try 

To silence her anyway

For she is your friend

And she is your carer.


She is your love

And she is your life

Because she is now

More of you than you are of yourself.




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