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Poetry is art, beauty in motion

Soft to the ear like expensive hand lotion

words need to rhyme, not make sense

success will come, at somethings expense

Rap music and sonnets, similar in style

while one takes a second, another takes a while

a simple backbeat everyone loves

some silly lyrics involving doves

see rhyming is easy, no problem at all

look at me standing six feet tall

looking down on my fam all smaller than I

I'm scared one day I'm going to die

of something bland, rather than shocking

Deaths cocky way of simply mocking

that no matter how "fun" I think my life was

We'll all die the same, simply because

we share humanity and its fragility

and we ignore it like some normality

We're all the same, let's end the hate

Life should be shared, living as mates

I may be a dreamer or a sad optimist

but we shouldn't have to suffer at the hands of sadists

who rule the world from behind a screen

Social media's self-proclaimed kings and queens

Idolised by kids who don't love themselves

Screenshot their role models and place them on high shelves

Please love yourself, don't starve or vomit

You're worth so much more than some words in a sonnet

or a song or a rap or some idiots poem

Sorry for ranting for others like I know them

these words in my head and feelings in my heart

This isn't poetry, it's a sad excuse for art. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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