Stomach shriveled

Legs weak

Loss of appetite

Loss of sleep

Constantly freezing

Constantly stressed

Why oh why am I so depressed?

Hunger is gnawing

I'm feeling so faint

But no, I'm not hungry

Dinner can wait



It's all I really need

But no, I can't

I haven't eaten in weeks

Almost there

Just a few more pounds

Don't mind me when i want to lie down

My body is weak with hunger

I always need to rest

How much longer?

I'm constantly stressed

Why am I so ugly?

Why am I so fat?

Why am I never good enough?

Never like the rest..

I just want to be skinny

I need to thin out

I'm only on  a diet

No one can help me now

I feel like I'm dying

But look, another pound!

The scale is what defines me

I'm doing better now

I've lost so much weight

But I need to lose more

What could one more day hurt?

I don't need food anymore

Once I make it

I promise I'll eat

Once I see what the number

On my precious scale reads

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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