If you took a good, long, hard look at her stomach, what would you see?  Don't look at the skin of her stomach which she mistakes for fat.  Don't look at the stretch marks streaked across her obliques from the constant changes that her body just cannot keep up with.  Instead look at the inside.  Look at the inner lining which is slowly deteriorating.  You can see the remains of a banana she ate yesterday morning.  It sits there, knowing it is unwanted and resented.  It sits there, craving company the girl is unwilling to give.  It has been on its own for a while, just like the body it lays within.  Zoom out slowly and you'll see the tubes.  Zoom out further and you'll see the IV, the dark eyes in the pits of their sockets, the bones.  In a day or so the banana will be gone.  So will the heartbeat.


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