Mon, 04/28/2014 - 13:28 -- Azshara



Overhead a flickering light, the bulb is burning out.
Empty words hang in the air, teeming with my doubt; 
My listless gaze drifts from your face, searching for your soul, 
But all I see is evil now; a heart as black as coal.
My dreams to fly, my dreams to soar, were they all in vain?
You tore me down, bound me in chains; you brought me so much pain.
Lying down, here on the floor, my blood feels warm against my skin. 
I taste your fear here in the air; I try to drink it in.
These scars on my skin, these thin red lines, mosaic of my blood. 
With each slice, with every cut, was I closer to your love?
With each shallow breath, each ragged gasp, I spill more life onto the floor. 
Every time in blink my eyes, I drift so far away—so much farther from the shore.. 
My heart beats ever so slowly; a mere whisper to my ears, 
And the room seems to be flooding, perhaps drowning in my tears. 
Piles of soil rest in the corner, could they be from my grave?
A tarnished shovel against the wall; was it me you hoped to save?
A ragged laugh escapes my lip, amusement at your vain attempt;
The wild look in your eyes startles me slightly—your features so unkempt.
These stitches that trace my body, how long have they been here?
I feel death watching me closely now; I know that my end is near.
The dark angels are so close; their icy breath plumes down my spine. 
And in this slurred reality, I am running out of time.
Could this insanity be my salvation, a blessing in disguise?
Can I finally pierce through the veil; this shroud of hate and lies.
Lying here on the ground, I cannot help but wonder; 
Do your imperfections have a story, every flaw left asunder?
These doubts that race through my mind, the shades of my twisted imagination;
Bring me such sick joy, perhaps I orchestrated this demise, this mortality is my creation.
My gaze drifts back to you; your panting now, what is it you fear?
If it is death, show no concern, for you are safe and sound my dear.
Then pain, interrupts my thoughts, as if I received a bullet to the head—
I struggle to gather the remnants of this reverie, this sweet and pleasurable dread. 
More blood trickles from my mouth, flowing like a scarlet stream.
My body pulses gently, as if to rouse me from a dream. 
If only it were such, merely a dream, an illusion of the mind; 
However, my life still slips away, my agony making me blind. 
Such tragedy, this bittersweet grief, could I be under your spell?
Have you beguiled me blind, am I lost in the nightmarish hell?
More crimson races across my eyes, obscuring this ethereal vision.
This darkness in my soul has tainted me, shown me these dark worlds I envision
Poison trickles through my veins; my blood has begun to run black,
Venom dripping from my lips, a kiss of malevolence is what I gave back.
You have tried to keep me down for so long, but I still love you so.
And in your eyes I see this longing, pleading me not to go.
I am finally going under; I am fallen, there is no light left.
You lean so tantalizingly close to me, and I want to pull you from your cleft.
But my strength has long since failed me, just as yours has to you,
And this final tear in our bond, no amount of hope can ever undo.
The crows are beckoning to me now; the ghosts, they have begun to call
And this haunting dream of you and I; it was always meant to fall.
Now as I drift away, you slink to your knees; the world you built up is crumbling.
But I will always ask what could have been, I will always be wondering.


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