This big hungry city!

Sun, 03/25/2018 - 00:40 -- trsdnt

Found poetry based on the article 5 Lies My Friends With Eating Disorders Have Told Me.


Just me, all alone in this big hungry city!

All I wanted was something.


It was like pure slow torture.

It wants clogged arteries, weight gain,
the whole nine yards.

You’ve skipped a meal.

Do you want the rest of this?


You’re just being healthy,

When you’re actually doing it to burn.

It’s scary how okay it has become.


The most disturbing aspect of it all;

It looks like mushy soup,

Like a two piece bathing suit running down the beach.

Looking like death warmed over twice,

Something that would give me cardiac arrest.


Lesson learned: Once,

I was forced to eat

and I just wanted to die.


There is no way that could’ve satisfied your appetite,

You’re just straight up starving all the time.

There is a good chance you’re hungry right now.

Please don’t stop.


I understand why you’re too thin.

To prove a point.


Either way, it's creepy and sad.


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