Dear Anorexia

I'm tired of your twisted ways,

How you've occupied too many of my days,

You're cruel, vicious, and like to ruin lives

You don't care who dies or survives.

I've been in your grasp for eight long years

I've ruined relationships, shed many tears

Despite the stigma, I can't "just eat"

But boy, do I deserve a treat!

Hours have been spent sweating in the gym

All in the name of staying slim,

Isn't there more to life than what I weigh?

I know there is, no matter what you say.

I wish I could make you leave me alone

And stop whittling me down to skin and bone,

But fighting you requires a certain kind of strength.

Am I willing to go to that length?

As hard as it is, I have to fight back

Too many things you have made me lack

Life is too short to live depressed and starved

And I will no longer allow myself to be carved.

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