You know what doesn’t make any sense? When you literally have everything going right in your life but yet you are still depressed. Like I have a great family, wonderful friends, great school, dance. So why am I so sad when I have no reason to be? I wonder if one day I will ever be “normal”. What even is normal anyway?! For me, normal is having control over your own mind. That’s how it should be right? Or not having wanting to even consider ending your life. I consider that normal. My dream of normal is to be able to eat what I want without feeling guilty about it or being able to eat a meal and not instantly want to throw up after. I want to not resort to taking a blade threw my skin everytime  I get stressed or overwhelmed. I want to be able to go to sleep at night like a normal person. I want my mind to shut up so I can actually sleep when im tired and not stay up the entire night because my mind wont shut up. I want to actually be happy and not paint a smile on my face everywhere I go.


My conclusion:


being happy = being normal


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