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The Fall Falling Just like an empire, you fall One day you’re on top of the world The next, you’re fighting to climb a single step   Everyday, you fight to fit into the crowd
was it worth it, living thru this hell sternously making it heaven  was it worth it?   was it worth it trying to make others live while your own body was scarred with a medusa tatto on it 
Love, love now Today, not tomorrow Forget about the sorrow Quit asking how
Wings of clouds, sail souls to see, seas of stars, Like happy children,  aura lifts lofty hearts from scars,
Days joy charmed her to merry Never have I found curves and curls spin to glory  Every course of aura sailed to eternity 
I have never really been a person to really enjoy when it was Spring, Because I never really sat back and thought about all of the changes and the beauty that it can bring.
This must be GROWTHIt's neither about an increase in size,nor the comeliness of my thighs,a lesson on puberty,or how time flies. It's an enlarging on the inside,though unseen by mere eyes,but cannot be denied,I speak of a strength supplied. See, t
you wake up some days and wonder  what should I do today the toilets need cleaning the groceries need buying the laundry needs to be kept away job searching day in and out
Sunny Days  Ice cream  Long bike rides. Giggles ringing through the air. It was fun. A time of simplicity where worries were few and far between. 
The first draft of our first poetry assignment for Creative Writing this semester. Mostly uploading for comparison purposes once I finish the retooled workshop-ready version. Dated: 09/08/2021
Dear hopeless I of my past, I could say it wouldn't last But there is a storm on every horizon you see Yet one future day you will wake and find yourself as me I know how hard it had been
In life there are moments where it can bring you in the need to scream your pain existence. The fire in you the passion that generates you gets tested The rug gets pulled from underneath and all you have left is yourself.
LIFE DID BE BEAUTIFUL Life will be beautiful and after you've done what's needed to make it that way.
Everyone, makes me wanna holler How come, you asking others for a dollar? Why beg for a crumb?
Air so fresh it hurts deep inside With every green blade I must at last confide
Some maggots complain Unsure of shoulder bumps That invariably appear
Nothang is a happy life than seeing the thangs you do and gleeful. And nothang is a successful life than living your dreams. Thinking
In recovery Feeling much better again Thank the Lord for that (I mean) I'm not feelign awesome yet   Only time will tell
coincidental, isn't it? all that she wished for, longed for, lent itself to her in the blink of an eye. maybe it wouldn't last, euphoria is a temporary heaven, after all.
 Foggy haze, cloudy days, rain drizzled from the sky. Todays a good day, no need to get caught up in the why’s.   I’m grateful for this day, yesterday, and I pray to see tomorrow.
 (INTRODUCTION) (Skip below to read a description of my mom to help understand the poems.)    The next 6 poems I write are about my mom. My mom passed away when
In a quest of happiness,Found some unresolved mysteriesTalking to loved ones with a feeling of warmth,Talks that end up with no logical conclusions,but puts a smile on two faces
" Paradigm Shift" is what they have named it- this period, so frightening- with all its devastation. But as with every change- ( transitionings' upheaval) there is still growth
The brink of light that breaks the night, Like an ardent soldier and a hefty knight. As the sun beams through the sky far and wide. Drawing clarity on everything in its sight.
Noticing every trivial thing in my way Appreciating the beauty of every other day Not letting any moment go to astray Not knowing if its March, April or May That is how I'll spend the end of my days
With the dreams in my mind, I write, I think, and I fly... Never wonder what's beyond the life.. Is it full of colours or dark, same as I shut the eyes..
breeze like soft hands brushing hair out of my eyes   dandelion seeds float through the sun-bathed sky light as feathers   soft earth below my feet is humble and grounding  
beauty is perpetually imperative to my existence.   i pride myself on the fact that i can view even the ugliest things as breathtaking and groundbreaking,  
He brings joy to me, his laugh makes my heart smile, his eyes, like the sea. Endless charm is his style, and he is my willow tree.  
Scars will never fade. Do not be ashamed of them They are battle scars  
How deep can a man go? As long as he cast shadows He will never grow shallow My father taught me That life can be as Curious, and dark as the sea Full of arcane mysteries That we may never see
The sight of those fires Seeking air in their confines Gives a reflection Elsewhere, far from themselves   Those who lost their light And constantly struggle To shine regardless  
Beauty is The freckles forming constellations On our bodies Thus proving We come from the stars   Beauty is
I could write my life with a pen, and make it rhyme too.   I write to give an insight on  what my mind can do.   I had some obstacles I just couldn't  intertwine through.  
sage /sāj/ noun 1. a plant with green leaves that are primarily used for cooking, originating from southern europe and the mediterranean.
This body.   One heart.   Two valves.   300 million veins.  37 trillion cells.   Regenerating every second to keep you alive.  
Her eyes wander in utter forlorn Wandering across the ink that adorns her face in blotched stains of red Crying rivers of disgust as her clouds are evident through the fake pigment she hides behind
Aspects of A Floral Being  Uncomparable to blooming sun’s rays,   A Art of harmony in full brightened cheeks:   B Brush of bristles constructing elegancy,    A
I can finally say That I am smiling like an idiotic, Idiot at a screen. My electronics finally know my happiness; And it's shining through, Straight though their body.
Wake up in the nighttime, I see the stars. Twinkle Twinkle little star, now i know just where you are. This feeling's overwelming, I hope I'm just pretending. This feeling in my heart, it just keeps extending.
Yes, in fact I do know that I’m fat No, I don’t plan to change for you Yes, I plan to lose the weight someday, but if you think I owe it to you to do so, then you will never get the satisfaction of holding my hand.
You are perfect.  That’s it.  I said it.  Perfect.
  “J” meaning jovial & jazzy, Oh and sometimes sassy, But I always remain classy. For the “A” you can say ambitious and adventurous,
I distinctly remember the first time I saw Most girls’ bodies start to change. I was twelve years old.   I stared with amazement and awe. Their long legs,
I became old when the honeycomb becomes too waxy to eat When the queen bee becomes a tyrant And you start to feel bad for the bees When I got tired of swimming through the land of milk and honey  So I drowned But I couldn't afford the medical bill
You love have brought along  new ways in which I view myself. I was once selfish and yearning for acceptance but now I know I am not  the only one who matters.   You make me selfless. 
you're four and pocahontas is your world. mommy and daddy don't understand, 'you want to marry the princess? you can't.' (they don't know why you're confused.)
I am afraid of failing.  Failing.  The word alone is scary.    I'm afraid of failing in life.  Failing to do simple things such as doing taxes, school, being an adult.  What else?  
Atlas shakes Beneath the weight Of expectations Far too great He can not falter He can not fail His friends depend on him He must be there
Although you may not see it, I do. I see your worth. You shine bright like a diamond,
You are a girl. The words echo in my head. Disrupting my daydreams. The castle walls
Everything is always the same. You get up. sit at school, go home, go to sleep.  
Dear Moonlight,   The way you glow through the blinds in the night. It makes me feel like you waited for me. Kissing my forehead to help me go to sleep in my bed. Making me yawn and rub my tired eyes.
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Why are you here? It's past your bedtime. Get some sleep!     (Sweet dreams, I love you!)
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Thanks. For everything. I appreciate you, and what you do for me. And I love you for that. (Seriously!)
Do you remember your days of Christmas time,With spirits high and joy unending?Those are my days of primeWhen I knew Santa was descending. Outside is a cold and chilly night,With snow floating and huddling on the ground.But in the house there is a
It only takes one person to influence another. A teacher is a great example. A teacher's words can guide and inspire. A teacher can come into one's life at the right time. A teacher uses experience to influence.
Has anyone gone Carol-ing lately?Have you bellowed out a tune?Laced with rhythms and bluesBeats that dance on their ownHave you rhymed your time?Redeeming the precious secondsOf a new day
  First of the five is where Freedom hides, It’s wild winds the source of the spark in our lives, With unruly nature does this one exist,
Self-worth is part of personal success, Learning mine made mine feel the best.
Seeing the beauty of life is only attainable by freeing yourself of negative energy:   Golden gates of bridges divine cross your thoughts and opinions, Full of dominions telling you to dominate your own fears,
The Lord said, "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
Ugly, something everyone says to me. As I’ve grown up  over the years, it has made many comebacks. The word, that’s been said to me over and over again has now made me stronger.
Words flow from my pencil. Feelings flow from my heart. A simple pattern forms from my mind. A simpler pattern forms from my feelings. Who is to say what makes me "right?" Who is to say what makes me whole?
Positive Nuggets Need to counter depression or stress? Put these remedies to the test. Make them your daily goals; they're good for body, mind, an soul.
Today focus on you, focus on what you think about when you close your eyes for even a half a second.    Today experience life with the mentality that no one can possibly take your shine, your light, your soul.   
I was buzzed on your brain, Hearing your thoughts from far away. It's a wonder that your head can contain Notions of such a vast array.
rain creates rainbows through storms comes peace darkness turns to light Mistakes make way for improvement losses are encouragements for wins   every pain has a purpose
To the ruthless killer that changed my life,  
To Life Death,   Lacking sleep, food, and will I am coaxed into movement by the soft voice of life. My oft-cited realms of self-persistence
Dear Self – Doubt, How does it feel to betray the trust of someone who believed in you? Perpetrating as a friend, a perfect someone to depend. A trusted advisor, your logic a realistic perception of truth.  
Dear Anxiety, Not a day goes by where I am without you Not a day goes by where I like you From holding me back To making me cry From filling my head with negatvity To making me freeze
To my Dad, my best friend, I can’t even pretend that all this happened, I just want to bend and contort until my body says no- My mind is full of what if's, maybe's, and so’s.
I fractured my sense of hope And my vision is disarranged Blurred with shattered reflections Where it ends, where it starts, it’s all overlapped and undefined
A room awash with warmth. Tea steaming within a porcelain cup. Quiet resounds henceforth. Everything is looking up. No people now. No thoughtless phrases to cause harm. I'm alone, yet somehow
Dear Purpose, I am searching for you. Day by day I walk by my mirror. Side glances and momentary looks judge my exterior. Day by day life gets more monotonous.
Dear Society,   You analyze the outside of my body, My curvy, bodacious butt, and these hips that don't lie hunny The three layers of rolls when I bend over and the wrinkles on my forehead,
Dear Koi,  On one cloudy day I found you in a pond.  The murky waters shimmered from the inklings of light that crept through the clouds. As I inched closer and closer To the pond You approached me.
Dear Broken-Hearted Girl,   I remember seeing you, lying there in the darkness of your room I remember watching the tears fall and listening to your stifled sobs
Now before we kick this off let me hit you with a story.
Last night of October—we lay on the floorWarmly aligned from our shoulders to hipsBy the orange soda fizz of a loud movie scoreLast night of October—we lay on the floorIn the dusty blue attic beneath the trapdoor
We got the fire From dusk till dawn Ours is such that Can change the world We have the fire And we burn forever As long as we are together Dilemmas are a thing of the past.
Dear past me,               He told you, so you thought               “I'm not good enough”               She said so, so you thought               “I look too fat in this dress”
Self inflicted pain is the easiest kind of pain Being in control of all the sorrows you encounter fills you with a sense of self control  Your pain is in your hands  It's a drug  You become addicted 
Oh look at the trees the leaves fall every day the trees dont blink an eye leaves are meant to be this way   So why do we care about the words someone might say about the look of a stare
Dear friend,    I write because I’m angry. (And I hope you know it’s rare that I spend my frail brain power and the time I cannot spare on something silly, like a poem, but I see no other way
To my younger self,
to the one whom gravity holds tightest to,   you're an aging collection of thin skin and heavy bones known by a name  passed through the lips of few   with ribs housing
Because I love you, a smile tugs at my lips at the sound of your name. Because I love you, my stomach becomes a butterfly garden when I see your smile.
A healthy relationship means we are both happy in this. It’s not a burden. It’s amazing, It’s wanted. The downs are worth it because they build up the relationship.
I am a dandelion Wild and free Not to be noticed upon first glance; It seems I lack the chance To belong in a boquet   They look on in disgust With selfish and hating eyes
Love is  Having a bad day and instantly getting cheered up by your loved one. Love is Having a constant, walking reassurance standing by your side Love is Feeling Homesick when they you are apart
It can be a struggle   To communicate.   To let the words stuck in your throat take a life of their own.   "You hurt me" "I'm sorry" "Can we try something new?"  
               They love all your little quirks.That explains all their smirks.The way your eyes are in the light.Brightens up their whole night.The way you present yourself.Makes them realize that you're enough. You surprise them with a Golden Re
you touch me in places no one’s touched before you see me the parts that no one looks for i never wanted you to touch and see me
In January She was toxic. Through lies and pain, You broke a little more.   In March You said it was okay,
To talk to sing to sigh, the sounds we know. The looks, the smile, the physical fall. As ever beautiful as the sun burns, But not the language of us in awe.  Though if there be words of his longed return
Because I love you I will help you when you're down Because I love you I will do my best to never make you frown Because I love you
Because I love you, I will always reminisce on the times we had together. From holding hands in the stores, or cuddling when it was rainy and cold. From getting daily "I love you texts", and kisses on the forehead as reminders. 
I love you and because I love you I'll never take you for granted; Because I love you I'll be there in your best, I'll be there in your worst; Because I love you.  
I. Today I ran a 5K This body my body ran 3 miles despite years of me feeling inadequate because of it.
Look, I am not a rapper, But I could rattle off a million rhymes about the way you look tonight, The way your "messy" hair hugs your face as I would love to with my hands,
Because I love you I will uplift you everyday Because I love you You will  throw any negative connotations about yourself away You are beYOUtiful Yes in your own way. Friends are your soulmates too.
When we fell together my heart was full of hope. Butterflies then Autumn leaves swirling around us was all I could see. Because I love you, I want you to know the real me.
Because I love you I stayed up late listening to your day Because I love you I chased after you when you got mad and walked away Because I love you I spent an entire day watching your favorite show
Because I love you I stayed up late listening to your day Because I love you I chased after you when you got mad and walked away Because I love you I spent an entire day watching your favorite show
This morning I woke up beside him He kissed me ‘till I was awake We laid there for hours, limbs knotted around each other Until I rose to cook breakfast   The night before, I came home, exhausted
I want you to be happy. I want to see you smile everyday. I want you to feel beautiful. I want you to be surrounded by people who care about you. I want to dream big, go far, and make it all come true.
How did this happen? The odds  Astronomical The chances Celestial Seven billion lives Beginning, ending, colliding And I find you And you find me How  How How
As this sprouted,  there were no expectations.  No hopes or predictions. Just children searching for support among their peers. Life had taken a toll on us, and without this love we would fade away.  As this blossomed,  this love became something 
Because I love you I will always tell you so I never want you to forget You warm my heart and make me whole   Because I love you I will wake up with you when you’re sick
“Our Love”   All our lives we’ve been taught that we need food, water, and shelter to live But my love, all I need is you
Your love is true, It is authentic. I am not just some trophy for you, Another accomplishment checked off your list; The love I have been craving, The love I have wished To find, I have found it
We were out on a night time hike watching the stars look down at us while the moon smiled back, Because you know how I love to watch time jump on a shooting star and fly past us when I’m with you,
L o v e was domestic violence L o v e was emotional abuse  L o v e was choosing him over me L o v e was staying because you've already invested in so much time  L o v e was miserable  L o v e was pain 
I missed your call earlier, and it was okay. You didn't repeatively call, to "make sure I was OK" I was busy doing homework, and you caught me off guard with "I understand"
Early in the morning, from my bed i jump My heart with fresh new blood i feel pump. Like an athlete I sprint into my bathroom Clean myself and return to the bedroom.  
When you say you love me I know it's very true Because in your eyes I can clearly see Your thoughts consist of you and me   I love you when you're happy I love you when you're sad
He probes, what are we?I utter, what are we supposed to be?There was still dubietyAmidst them and their duty He bestows a philosophyWe aren’t yet,The kind of allianceThat we should be
Snow White doesn't stay in a house. She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about. She goes outside.
In my neck of the woodsWe hide our fears In the trees aboveThat spout our stories for usIn the forested road. With antlers and paws With general retributionIn our own causes. We remember the waterBut are led to no whereBecause we wonder yet trembl
I Watched the moon around the house Yet I knew its eyes couldn't scrutinize so Why Watch?   I watched the sun around the room glide freely as the clouds that surfaced Before my face
What am I supposed to be? A person who care, Or a person who doesn't see. A person who fights,  But can never be afraid. A person who drowns, But does not call for help.  
Why grades suck:   They do. They’re irrelevant. Yet they matter way too much.  
standing at the mirror and i look like a shell of myself skin stretched over bone, barely hanging on, but so am i dark circles reflecting dark corners of my mind that attack me at night like monsters playing hide and go seek impossible to catch i
I once wandered the lands- with nothing but the dust. The journey I took- I had no one to trust. My year long journey- began in the spring It was at this time, lonliness began to sting.
Emotions can suck sometimes, it can be happy, mad, sad, but don't let it stop you from reaching your primetimes. Hey, life is not always rad, but let it shape who you truly are,
Last year was the year of depressionThe sinking feeling overcoming your entirety Panic attacks and pills on a roofI just watched it slipBut I am deserving After 19 years I realize nowTo believe in how special I amI have to stay positive Bad things
Not fearless. Still brave. Dare to dream. Lovely. All of the things I so desire, and delight in. Conspiring against tragedy.Shakespeare wishes it was a comedy. Escaping from scapegoats, and illness blighting.
365 days that changed my life forever It was challenging, heart-breaking, and tough I wish I could reverse time, no doubt, whatsoever Life had never been so rough   So many beautiful lives were lost
  She walks  with her head held high, Without fear of the future,  Letting the insults and rude comments, Brush off her shoulder like a child going down a slide.    She glides, She waltzes,
What matters most is getting comfortable in my own skin.
Respect for your mother's wishes. Start off small while you're small, wash the dishes. A father would also be demanding of some respect. Simply do as he would expect.
1. It is her birthday 2. Our professor will bring us candy, so choose wisely 3. Smile at someone 4. Try something new 5. Call mom 6. Pretend everything is okay 7. And by tonight- everything will be
It is often overlooked that the sun rises for us,  Ironically looking over us everyday.  While the home of a bed I have,  Trying to make me prolong my stay.   
Life is a bipolar frenemy Who constantly throws you surprise parties Good, and bad In no particular order, just to scare you One day my slice wears a face of joy
I walk 15 minutes to find you when I'm sad.Though it's very rare I find myself feeling this bad.In cold weather, I'll find you, while I'm jacket-clad.If I find you taken by another, I'm rather mad.
It might just be the perfect day, It could also be the worst. But does it really, really matter? Of happiness I constantly burst!   It comes from the warm cup of coffee
Welcome to my world where everything seems great because I have shelter and some food on my plate. Focusing on your problems will only weight you down so I recognize my blessings to hide away a frown.  
Dear Me,  You are strong, You are beautiful, You are capable, You are smart, You will get through this.   Nobody can control you,
Say you'll do it but the cliff stands waiting for you to jump.  Lick at the whirl of wind tugging you  to the edge, for words are just words.  So voice them through your actions,  grab for the clouds,
Oh yes georganne I know that feeling too well That terrible treacherous feeling to live in hell.
Oh yes georganne I know that feeling too well That terrible treacherous feeling to live in hell.
Drop                      the                                          storm.     Move closer.                               Sit.                             It is time.
Keep heading to the top, always trying hard and not thinking to stop. Reaching high no matter whats there never going to stop. Always thhinking you can and nothing is going to change.
Humidity is a bitch to me. It’s alive. Sitting on cement, slapped fresh by Texas afternoon rain. Microscopic droplets carry home, lingering oils resting on cheeks. Clouds from above float through chambers of my lungs.
This poem isn't about depression.This poem isn't about a confession.This isn't a sad poem.This isn't another one of my Ho hums.
¡Bienvenidos al ardiente lirio!¡Que surreal! ¡Que genial!
Self worth is your swag Don't let your confidence lag Cause them haters want to eat you Deep inside they wanna be you The essence of what is true to you Self confidence is attractive
Why regret Don't forget the things you should have done the things you shouldn't've done Live for the regrets Live to do the things no one else would You're still young Live while you're young
Life is paved with rocky roads and jagged stones, With bristles and nettles and scorching hot soles, With doubt and fear and failure too, In fact, sometimes it seems there's no one more miserable than you.  
All I need is my sanity With my sanity, I have my peace And with my peace, I have my mind And with my mind, I can survive Because I, I waver sometimes.  
I have a jar I keep it on a shelf that's too high to reach unless I need it   I keep things in my jar that others can't see I keep hope and joy and optimism for the future
 How is it that now in the world that one doesn't have to work hard for success? How is it that the ones that bust trail every day, make it  out below the un- educated?
Lambency, The Gentle Glow: Notes On Rebirth Before An English Channel Crossing   I remember mostly- The raw horizon pounding with a glowing fever.
To express myself into words cannot fulfill the true definition of me                                         But possibly the feeling I portray could reveal my heart                                                             Poetry inspires me t
I can count on more friends than fingers. Overall, they’re opposable thumbs.   They let me wrap them ‘round all of my issues Warm my hands when dead thoughts make them numb.
They say that "Optimism is for children!" That "being positive is only for those 
I am not a brilliant creation My ideas are my creation Forced success are valued; But give strength to dreams
  Once i carried her between my arms nd chest ,  even in a dream .. joy and relief is just how i felt She was like the ringing bell that ended my miserable test, and tells me that i did well and i can go back to sleep in my nest
'98, 17 Man I’m only 17, But there's people always pushing me to do great things,
Barefoot river child Dirty hands, dirty eyes What have you seen? Remember the days  Forget those nights Please just sing with the chickadees There's laughter in the sun above
Nothing special, till you remember when you were little you held tarantulas like others held hamsters   Ordinary, till you remember all the times you drew and made up
Mesmerized by the beauty Lost in the harmony She is Not focused on the problems But the glory Nor the sadness But their story Not attentive to their faults Only noticing the shine
If a house "divided" against itself cannot stand Then how is ours still running With handwriting on the wall in pen, Saying it's each other we are shunning?   Society changed us
Every day we’re reminded again How wonderful it is to live. But how do we make the most of it Without wasting a single second?   When the sun stops shining, At least there are stars.
Grammar snobs all over the world love to bitch and moan about the perversion of the english language and specifically the world "awesome." Generally these people
I bought a nice new pair of cotton sheets this week to replace my old pilled polyester sheets.
Blood is shed by the hands of men, Deep scarlet runs through the streets. When did this form of genocide began? With blood, human hands are streaked.   It seems as if everyone has lost touch
Everythng Is AWESOME! It's a New Day! A Time to Refres and Be a Greater You! Yes, meaning that GREAT is Already in YOU! Everything is AWESOME! Me - Him - Her - YOU!
Deep and rich,Smooth and clear,A masterpiece painted for the ears,A sweet perfume to the listener.A silvery song,A tenor or base,The loud radio announcer,Or the soft-spoken artist.
What's your reason? Times will get hard and you want to give up wipe those tears, enough is enough you're special and in life you have a reason,  so don't fall like the autumn leaves its always spring season
It's okay to walk down the wrong path, or to find yourself spiraling through never ending black holes, or to climb steep mountains, without an end in sight. It's okay to have your heart broken,
Golden light spills out of the sky  and into our laps Our laughter rings 
Leaves are brown, the sky is gray, How did things end up being this way? I look around to see no one around,
writer's block sucks because writers, we care we care so incredibly much frustrated to see our pages bare   writer's block sucks but writers do not writing frees all our souls
This plane you find yourself in      is just one glimpse of one dimension, among many others Look out,      organic nature surges from the soil           synthetic somethings jut out from this scene.
Once Upon A Time, She heard the clock chime, Only to tell her the magic was leaving, But she didn't care for she was believing She would see him again. That blue dress and perfect hair,
A thought is all it takes
I forget that the fall leads to a rise. Because as you descend there must always be room to ascend And the same can be said for climbing, only to tumble down mercilessly
I look around my messy life And try not to whine or cry I choose here and now to fix it up Not wallow until I die!    I'll start with schoolwork- such a chore The textbooks just bring me tears
Hair tied in knots, Lipstick smeared off, The room that I'm in, Littered with cloth. Homework undone, Bed untidy, Finding myself, Dirty and grimy. I take a step back,
In a world where people are periodically posting pics and sending selfies to fellow citizens, there is a surprising amount of self hate surrounding the subject.
When you look at the world What do you see? Do you view your food and friends in Mayfair and Valencia? Your wasting your time deciding which accent makes your skin look tan
Maybe I'm crazy and insane. Maybe we are not the same. But now I know what I see. Every time you look at me. It's innocence, That light. A light that shines through any dark night. And tho you are far away. These words I still have to say.
When I take a picture   I smile and stare at my relfection.   My mind wonders if they will like it   if they will see me the way  I see me.  
I am a woman who can do it all Even though I am so small I have so much potential  because I know most of the essentials
In and from this world what do we really want?
Blood as red as a rose They said death was something that you just chose Truthfully it chose you
I see the light  I’m crawling out
Perfect this.
A man. Standing tall with his head held high, to bad there's no gap between his thighs. A man. With eyes that only see the future, if only the world could see his tummy tuck suture.
#nofilter, #selfie, #natural, #fleek Hash tags are the holy grail of most social media websites I can use them to show my followers what I'm wearing Or show them the memories that I'm sharing 
Quadrant I avouches positivityNo matter what angle you gaze fromEvery daybreak, we wake up in the origin
Self-seen The strongest I've ever been A societal strain Recites lies and prompts pain But I Refuse the abuse Fight hostility with happiness And affliction with bliss To be durable
I am one amongst many  I have a perspective that coUntless cannot fathom to Understand Mental stability
  Universal infinite, as strung upon the stars  Collapsing voids, swirling masses of rock and gas, slowly losing solid grasp Drifting into worlds where the unknown dominates a presence of oxygen
These are troubled waters.  I hope I stay afloat. 'Cause the boat that I'm in is just a total joke. I brought a coat; it'll probably snow.  I don't know. My weather's unpredictable and on another note,
She doesn’t love me the way I love her.She baited me like a fish on a lure,and I fell for every line.Now I’m stranded here by the wayside.
  All walkways are a whirlwind of strangers, a whirlwind of no one and everyone hiding within and the particulars, I know not. Never have seen them. Never have heard them. Never have known them.  
One day I'll make it big One day I'll be remembered One day I'll stand strong like the cold trees in December My arms will ache My legs will shake and just about all of me will probably break
Making a statement, I'm now living in the present But My past? made me stronger so i remember although it has passed cloudy but after the rain there's a rainbow, sun shining at last
Darling, when did the blurry claims manipulated youto focus on distorted idea of perfection?You started noticing the smallest flaws
  It was an instant goodbye I began to cry I lost a friend  Oh Dear God, why?  
We as human beings tend to focus on the negative instead of the positive. We usually can't help it, it's form of habit. A habit passed down since, well... forever. Sometimes though...
Peel back the layersand look inside; deep in the abyss you will find.   A little spark a lovely note; some most have but others hope.   When all that's left
she exhales a barely audible whisper  dissipating slowly  through the drifting currents  of the wind  and with that solitary  spoken word  hardly a sound that 
Find YOURSELF Place a foundation of POSITIVITY Add a abundance of
Excellent Monster Boy Assesses Random Radioactive Asphalt. Serious Salmonella Eerily  Declassified. To this acrostic, do not pay any mind,
I am universal.
When you ask a child "what do you want to be" Their answer naivee lays on the heart and warms you, The smile on your face starts to curve even higher and you think how sweet.
The delicacy of smoke unravels into rivers of gentle flows. Oh! How the appearance resembles that of a shooting star in broad daylight;
I wear a size seven, you want me to be a three. Forget what you say. This is real, this is me. I wear a size large, you want me to be a small. You think 5'1" is too short,
Whichever wolf you feed is the one that lives. How am I supposed to be       positive amidst this mess? When I don’t belong here. When I can’t afford a ride home.
Positivity is hard when the whole world Keeps shoving SOMETHING down your throat
Nowadays I smile at my reflection
Today I rise Higher than any sea higher than all the trees I am rising today Giving light to everyone in sight
Remember Remember the good times Remember the bad. Especially the bad. For they are the makers of character.   Remember to be yourself For no one can do it for you And that is beautiful.
It’s a climb, from the bottom up. Whether you just weren’t enough And the world knocked you down, Or you fell in love and hit the ground.   Well you just lay there in the dirt
Our World... Rapacity! Where Men usurp the youth. Men who manifest greed, lust, power Illimiuniting Freud's Id through actions Alas! The youth replicate their Teachers. Cloned as the Men
Sometimes you need to know an alcoholic      to know your limit for beer. Sometimes you need to witness weakness      to conquer fear. Sometimes you need to know addiction      to know when to steer clear.
The kindness in the smile of a little girl. Fearless and free...the world not yet clawing away her freedom to love, sees through eyes as clear as the sea with an embrace as warm as the sun.
  Positivity  is not overrated and Society is not to be blamed There is a time  when you have to claim responsibility for your own thoughts they are toxic or they are not
Why am I me? The air I breathe is so thick at times Days like these I just close my eyes The tears fall at the wrong times When I laugh I wipe my wet skin When I'm sad my skins dry
In hindsight we’re living the dream, But hindsight is blind sight and in mind’s eye In fact we’re destroying the dream. Corrupting morality for technology, But we’re forgetting to keep open eyes,
Hand clenched, nerves tingled, emotions stirred Eyes tired from the long night of drunken celebration My gown swayed and my tassel knocked against my ear Name is called and a small cheer is heard at a distance
Holding the thick black tape recorder your life is at your hands. With the ability to move forward but the rewind button contains broken bands. This apparatus is yours to keep. To stop, play and go forward
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