Dear Old Me...

Self inflicted pain is the easiest kind of pain

Being in control of all the sorrows you encounter fills you with a sense of self control 

Your pain is in your hands 

It's a drug 

You become addicted 

Death is so close but not close enough

It's the rush 

You wish you could push yourself to the edge but when you get too close, 

Something comes to stop you 

Opens your eyes to reality 

It's not your time yet 



You're a coward if you die and you're one if you don't 

Your pain is only temporary 

No matter which way your road goes 

Your path must be walked 

One step at a time 

It's you against yourself 

Inner demons come to engulf


Don't become addicted 

The only way out of that endless hole of sorrows is to climb 

Climb out of your pain 

Like you grew a new soul 

Your new soul needs honesty 

Your physical wounds will heal

But the scars will always remain 

Cover them up but don't be ashamed 

Your past isn't who you are, it's who you used to be 

You learned how to pick yourself up, you were under scrutiny

Be proud you made your own way 

Your pain will be forgotten one day 

Become an advocate for loving yourself  

Teach someone that being in pain is not the way out, speak up if you need help 

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