Both of Us

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 01:24 -- Quinn.C

As this sprouted,  there were no expectations.  No hopes or predictions. Just children searching for support among their peers. Life had taken a toll on us, and without this love we would fade away.  As this blossomed,  this love became something we only dreamed of. Unconditional support and care twenty-four seven.  Someone to turn to when everything around us felt miserable. A source of motivation when all felt bleak.  Neither of us had known what love could do.  How illuminating in the darkest of times; How inspiring in the hopeless of times; How warm in the coldest of times. This love helped us push through our lowest points.  As this bloomed,  we helped each other develop:  past the stages of grief and despair,  onto the stages of growth and repair. In the start,  neither of us  knew ourselves nearly as well as each other.  To progress,  we had to learn and change. We became in tune to our own personalities: our likes and dislikes, our loves and hates, our opinions on the world. While we changed,  we loved on.  Our feelings held out through all disagreements and bonding moments.  Hatred and disdain never won.   As this rose grew, we did too.  And this love has given us more than we ever thought it would.  We grew from insecure children to strong young adults. Our love grew from loving one another to loving ourselves. Because of the love I have for him, I now have love for both of us. 


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