Tomorrow's Uncertain Promise

It is often overlooked that the sun rises for us, 

Ironically looking over us everyday. 

While the home of a bed I have, 

Trying to make me prolong my stay. 


Weighted with the thoughts of the long night, 

I am brought light as the morning sun shines.

Mysteries await, 

Within each day that collectively combines.


With an afire ambition, 

A spirit inside sparks and I awake.

Longing for production, 



A passion burning with much interest. 


People and places, 

And books I have yet to know. 

Some of the best and worst days of my life ahead of me, 

Oh how worldly I will grow. 


In spite of all the hardships and obstacles, 

Each of my wounds will be treated with a suture. 

For whatever I may be feeling is brief, 

The uncertainty of anew day ensures adventure and joy in the nearby future. 




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