A Loving Relationship

               They love all your little quirks.That explains all their smirks.The way your eyes are in the light.Brightens up their whole night.The way you present yourself.Makes them realize that you're enough. You surprise them with a Golden Retriever.They realize that you're a keeper. You put up with their choice in television shows. Whether it's Stranger Things, or Vampire Diaries. At least you understand their fascination with fictional beings. They love receiving your compliments.Even if it takes place in a random supermarket. The thought of you makes their heart goes aloof. They can rest easily that your love is proof. They console you in times of despair. They remind you'll one day be repaired. They love for who you are.That's all they need when reading Harpers Bazaar. They know that's what real love takes. They know the stakes of when boundaries are tampered with. Don't put a damper on your relationship. You have to give your all No matter what it takes. One day, you'll be looking their eyes calling them doll. 

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