A Poem Of Self Worth

Self worth is your swag
Don't let your confidence lag
Cause them haters want to eat you
Deep inside they wanna be you
The essence of what is true to you
Self confidence is attractive
A sense of pride is cool
But don't let it overflow
Keep the high-ego an ego-death
Stab it in the brain,
let it ooze down to your heart
You're a work of art
Shapes and sizes
Hues and contrast
The Creator did that
To make you a standout
Even if you don't feel that way..
Feel that way,
When everyone's trying to be the same
Don't fake it to make it forever
Come to the point where you start to think
When you realize your own strength
When the volume of your voice gets louder,
Correction, I mean when your words get louder
Tell him no, when your mind says no,
Don't feel bad if they make you feel bad
And don't feel sorry for the tricks they use
You move on, keep strong, and prove them wrong
Success is revenge when they think you'll lose..
You'll only lose when you feel worthless
Allowing them to shape you up
To clip your dreams away from your wings
To make them the meaning of happiness
Hell no, not me, and not you..
Find the worth in you
Stay true
Do you, boo.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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