Fresh start

Your love is true,

It is authentic.

I am not just some trophy for you,

Another accomplishment checked off your list;

The love I have been craving,

The love I have wished

To find, I have found it

Thanks to you.

When you ask me if I am okay I know you care,

You mean it,

Not out of habit or convenience

But just the simple fact that you actually want to know.

I cannot get over the love for me that you show

So brightly, so proudly,

You never seem to have a doubt in

Your mind that 

I am worthy of your attention.

Not afraid to show affection

despite the fact other people are around.

You really make me proud to call you mine.

I used to get asked all the time,

"What's the deal?"

They would tell me I could do better,

But I didn't listen to anything they told me

And I'm glad I figured it out on my own.

Because I didn't listen,

Because I waited,

Because I finally realized what I was being told was all true,

All of that lead me to find you.

My better half who understands me,

Who makes me smile like a child,

Who comforts me when I am upset.

You truly are the best

Person that I have ever met.

You have shown me what love is,

You have shown me that I am great the way I am.

Everyday I wake up and smile

Because I love you,

But not only me,

Because you love me and you smile too.

You never hesitate to show that.

When you say "I love you"

I know you mean you love me

And you aren't just infactuated with my body.

You allowed me to see I am more than skin and curves,

You truly care about the words

That flow from my lips,

The same ones I use to kiss the one that allowed me to feel comfort in its entirety.

The one I don't have to smile at and say "please"

For simple things in a relationship that should be reciprocated, no question.

Thank you for showing me your eyes,

They are heaven;

I get lost in them and never want to be found

By anyone except for you.

You have found me and it's true,

I love you.

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