How We Love

When you say you love me

I know it's very true

Because in your eyes I can clearly see

Your thoughts consist of you and me


I love you when you're happy

I love you when you're sad

I'll be here for you everyday

Through the good times and the bad


When times get tough and you've had enough

I hope you'll stick it through

Because when the odds are stacked against us

I'll be here for you


I try to give, I try my best

I try to listen 

But I like to jest

You love to laugh

And I love your smile

So I want to make it last as long as I can

Even if that's only a little while


When you cry, I cry too

Because when you feel pain

Everything falls through


I know it's not just me

I know you feel the same

Since you tell me all the time you're the happiest you could ever be


You say you like my smile

And the crinkles that form around my eyes

But they're only there because you're here through each and every trial


I like that we're whole

I like that we're double

Because that's how we can function when in trouble


I am me, and you are you

But we go well together

So we can see everything through


We didn't become a whole 

We just became greater

Because we each have control


We are separate, but blended

Dependent and independent

But it's through this type of relationship that it hasn't ended


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