To the Koi in the Pond

Dear Koi, 

On one cloudy day I found you in a pond. 

The murky waters shimmered from the inklings of light that crept through the clouds.

As I inched closer and closer

To the pond

You approached me.

Your orange scales 

So vibrant

They could rival the passion of a thousand suns. 

I remember the sprinkles of black and white that laid upon you. 

But what I remember more

Was not on the outside

But the inside. 

You were bent

And crippled.

It was interesting to see how something that represents

Love and


Is so broken. 

However, you still decided to swim. 

Despite being so fractured you still swam through clouded waters

So effortlessly. 

And why wouldn't you?

Couldn't it be said that your will to swim


A person's will to live?

Or do fish merely swim to die?

Somehow you swam through hazy waters


And misguided. 

As I left you that day

The sun came out and the pond shimmered with such light.

I look to see where the clouds have went,

And there was nothing.

I look back you,

And there was nothing. 

The only thing there

Was me.

Sincerely, Brandon Townsend. 




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