A List of Lovely Things

The musty smell of old books

Paper sailboats, passionate looks

Good morning kisses and well wishes

When she says "I'll do the dishes"

Organic honey in my tea

Antique shops, a bumble bee

A record player, bicycle handles

A bathroom lit by only candles

Messy aprons and strong girls

Electric blankets and ringlet curls

Scrapbook pages, tiny feet

The purple-red color of a beet

Acoustic songs, calloused palms

"I promise, sweetheart, I won't be long"

Birthday parties, perfect hemlines

The pokey parts of someone's spine

Globes with pushpins of where to go

Chocolate eyes and peaceful snow

Slanted rhymes, poofy dresses

Patterned bow ties and cleaned up messes

Lacy panties, brand new shoes

Alternative ways of getting the news

Folk songs, craisins, spinach dip

Mason jars and bitten lips

String lights, sushi, Ginger Ale

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Doodles when you're bored in class

Apple crepes, fresh-cut grass

Witty comebacks, polar bears,

The feeling you get when someone shares

Blowing bubbles, doggy cuddles

Intentionally splashing in deep puddles

Garage sales, wrinkles, milkmaid braids

Colorful sweaters and old arcades

Overgrown gardens, friendly cats

A treasure trove of vintage hats

Trampolines, grandfather clocks

Rubber duckies and fuzzy socks

Handmade quilts, a small-scale farm

A tiny cottage with lots of charm

Scary stories, floral patterns

Teacup pigs, jackolanterns

Pumpkin doughnuts, big tree roots

When a woman wears a suit

The solar system, fluffy pillows

Hair bows and weeping willows


While I love all these things, I truly do

I'll never love anything as much as you

This poem is about: 
Our world


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